Wednesday, 5 September 2007

"I'm Not There" first good/bad/indifferent review

I have read Variety's review a few times and cannot decide what it is really saying in terms of awards.
He seems to both praise and insult Cate Blanchett, as well as the writer director.

"As the performance goes on -- it's by a fair distance the dominant turn in the picture, both in impact and duration -- and the character becomes increasingly wigged out by drugs and paranoia, the reliance on mannerisms over psychological depth becomes more apparent."

The only two people who come off this review in tact is Dylan himself, and Marcus Carl Franklin the young black boy who portrays dylan as a kid.

"Such open-mindedness is further spurred by the first "Dylan," who receives significant screentime. Young Marcus Carl Franklin is charmingly forthright as a guitar-toting kid who, in 1959, rides the rails, '30s-style, and identifies himself as Guthrie when he doesn't claim to be Arthur Rimbaud."

Not that this means anything in terms of a Blanchette Oscar nod, we all know the Academy is more impressed with mimicry that character , but it could be a taint in Screenplay and such for Haynes.

For a more negative review check out film blather's review which, trashed Blanchett and everyone else, but praises, once again, Franklin. Hmmmmmmmm

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