Thursday, 28 December 2006

Back to blogging very soon!

Oh my God I am so stuffed. Mince pies, turkey, chicken, cassava pie, roast plain and sweet potatoes, roast parsnips, carrot and swede mash, gravey, cookies, brandy butter, brandy, champagne, wine, baileys, chocolates, stuffing, stollen, smoked salmon, salad, cakes, ginger bread, ginger bread men and spiced nuts. I am gonna need to butter myself to get through the door. Every year it com, and every year I am never prepared for the amount of food I will force myself to ingest. I mean I was eating when over stuffed, just because it was there! It was all worth it, and it was one of the best Christmas days I have had in a long time. You should have seen Jeremy's face when he got his light saber!!!! So worth it!! Here is a selection of the amazing gifts me and mine got this year!
A fantastic musical DVD
Jeremy is a geek
Red iPod Nano helping AIDS relief in Africa
The best gift I could have ever received
I book I will finally now read
A brilliant DVD which accompanies 'The best gift I could have ever received' nicely
Something to be creative with
My Toni
And finally my childhood obsession

Sunday, 24 December 2006


Well, it is that time of year again, only for the first time in 31 years I will not be at my family home, or be in Bermuda (my place of birth). So such traditions as a family Xmas eve dinner, gathering around the TV with Mark and Pheona and the family to watch ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ (animated version thank you!) and frantically trying to finish off the baking will not be happening today. Instead Jeremy and I plan to clean the apartment, do some last minute baking using the Williams Sanoma cookie press I was given years ago, go for a nice walk and a drink down the pub, and come home to a warm stew and watch A Christmas Story…….and maybe I will read him The Grinch…with voices and everything!!!
So to all my family and friends who may have a look at my blog tonight. Have a wonderful Christmas eve and may you not be woken by footsteps on your roof.