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supporting Actress - The Race

'It's a Wonderful Afterlife' trailer

I am so excited. My friend Goldy is in a movie!!! What a wonderful pre Christmas present to see the trailer!!

Watch it here

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Supporting Actress - The Race

Mini Reviews

‘Good Hair’

Funny and down right shocking documentary. Not only because it is sad that the ideal beauty is so unattainable and wrong, but that people will spend so much to look like this ideal.

A funny a Chris Rock is, he does know when to stand back and let the people in his film do the talking, and it does give a refreshing insight into black culture, however the climax of the hair show was not really needed.
The history and evolving of black hair is much more fascinating.

Grade – B+

‘Food, Inc’

Of course it is shocking and extremely disturbing and as an animal lover I had to look away a few times, however, it most probably will not change too many people into eating better.

When you go to a supermarket, after a gruelling day at work, you just want to get out of there as quickly as possible. Buying organic, and reading labels is sometimes the furthest thing from your mind.

It would have been nice to see that this film offered a convenient alternative, but maybe that is the point. Doing the right thing is never convenient.

Grade - B

The Blind Side’

The story of Michael Oher is a fascinating one, and one that deserves a film that does not turn it into a story mainly about the spunky Southern white woman who takes him in.
By focusing on Leigh Anne Tuohy this becomes less about the struggles of this poor and sensitive black teenage boy, and more about the kindly white woman.

Sandra Bullock gives a restrained performance, but somehow never fully fleshes this woman out. This could have been her ‘Erin Brockovich’ however is it just a good performance in a less than mediocre film about wealthy rednecks who take in a black kid.

Grade - C-

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatball’

Wow, this was a hell of a lot of fun. Silly, funny, lovely to look at it is what a non Pixar film should be.
Escapist entertainment that makes you feel like a little kid again.
Plus the voice cast was fantastic. I mean you get Bill Hader, Anna Faris, James Caan, Mr. T, Neil Patrick Harris, Al Roker, Benjamin Bratt and Lauren Graham all in a film together.
I especially loved Al playing a white dude.

Grade – B+

‘A Serious Man’

I usually really like the Coen Brothers movies. I really do.

However, about 30 minutes into ‘A Serious Man’ I was wondering if I should leave. I was bored and not enjoying myself at all. I found the film slow, the characters annoyed me and I just felt so sorry for the lead character.

As the film progressed I began to enjoy it more and then by the end I was won over by this odd and very sad film.
We have those times where things pile up and we cannot cope, and question why it is happening. This films looks at this through the eyes of a very weak timid man (the wondrous Michael Stuhlbard) who towards the end realises that sometimes things just happen to prepare us for what is next.

Grace - B

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Supporting Actress - The Race


Such sad sad news. Whatever the reasons do not matter. So sad when someone who showed great talent is taken away so young