Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Top 30 songs of 2010

Well, I know I have been very quiet of late, and that is mainly because work and life have once again taken over, but I have loads to post about. Firstly I wan tto go through what I consider to be the best songs of the year for 2010. Not all of these songs were officially released in 2010, but this was the year they came to my attention.

Let's get started.


Eminem - 'Love the Way You Lie' (Feat. Rihanna)

Sure, this is technically a song about a highly abusive boyfriend, in a highly dysfunctional relationship, but when Rihanna comes in with that sad and equally disturbing chorus, you can't help but get drawn in.


Saadi - 'Bad Seeds'

Facebook decided to recommend me this artist because I like M.I.A. (who is sadly absent from this list). You know what, facebook was correct. The breezy light island feeling makes me year for a colada - any type of colada.


Hurts - 'Better Than Love'

The 80's continued to be remixed for the year 2010 with this Depeche Mode-esque anthem of angst. It doesn't hurt that these guys are easy on the eyes, and can most certainly wear a suit.


Macy Grey - 'The Sellout'

The raspy voiced one came out with a new album this year. Most of you probably never even noticed, which is a shame as this was probably the best she has been in years.


I Blame Coco - 'Self Machine'

Sure, she is Stings daughter so her foot in the door was more a tank smashing through, but this is a corker of a tune, helped by the very androgynous voice and her scary lesbian styling


Marina and the Diamonds - 'Obsessions'

Poppy, boppy and totally addictive. Marina blasted on the scene and released some of the best singles no one really bought. A shame, since this, her first was so repeatable.


Janelle Monáe - 'Oh, Maker'

You begin to settle in to a lovely folksy ditty, then there is a three step transition into a groovy neo soul love song. That is the thing about this girl she is versatile and surprise whilst being her.


VV Brown - 'This Charming Man'

If you are going to cover a classic song, you had better be able to do it justice. Thankfully when VV Brown decided to cover The Smiths, she may have bettered it


Mumford and Sons - 'Little Lion Man

Christ this song was everywhere in 2010, and for good reason. It is a stomper, the type of song that crosses genres and excites. And this was a debut!


Beach House - 'Norway'

Imagine the sound a glacier would make if it was music. It would be both powerful, yet not imposing. You come close to understanding the brilliance that is Beach House


Kate Nash - 'Don't You Wanna Share the Guilt'

You gotta love the random ranting of a mad music. Through the rubbish there is great insight as to the nature of people, all to a building frantic beat


Robyn [Feat. Röyksopp] - 'None of Dem'

The deepest, darkest club anthem we all should have been dancing to all summer. Robyn is simply a genius and this should have been huge


Lissie - 'Stranger'

This is another great example (like Robyn) of an extremely talented woman who should be having much more success than she is. And this opinion is purely based on songs like this. Pure folk tinged sunny pop


Madonna - 'Pala Tute'

After the large disappointment that was Hard Candy, I was skeptical when a slew of unreleased Madonna tracks leaked online. To my surprise most of them were better than the album. This was my standout.


Robyn - 'Hang With Me'

One Grammy nomination. The woman should be showered with those damn trophies. This was the sweetest love song to be sung this year.