Sunday, 28 March 2010

Best Actor

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The bold men in lead are:

Sharlto Copley - 'District 9'
One of the most captivating and complex character arcs of the year. His slow realization of his own humanity is a revelation.

Colin Firth - 'A Single Man'
Complex and insular. You feel his despair and watching him go through his day is a painful experience. He never lets you forget that he has lost his one love, even when flirting with desire. Clip

Tahar Rahim - 'Un Prophete'
A scorching debut. He owns the screen and runs through every possible emotion like a pro. How ever can he follow this up? Clip

Sam Rockwell - 'Moon'
It is just him in this movie, and he brings a feeling of such humanity even when realizing he isn't supposed to have any. Clip

Michael Stuhlbarg - 'A Serious Man'
His growing panic is a joy to watch. He is like a crab in a bucket trying to stay ahead of a life spiraling out of control. Clip

Ben Whishaw - 'Bright Star'
He is the poet. His love, although so passionate, is based in reality that he cannot control. Clip


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