Saturday, 24 May 2008

Vampires everywhere!

I laughed out loud at this piece on Go Fug Yourself just now, all about Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Then I stopped.
There have been so many reports of their marriage being in trouble, and there are so many people/magazines/news shows who are pathetically waiting for it to happen that it just all seems so unfair.

She adopts a child and is called a kid napper
She gets married she is criticized because he is younger, then the press spend the entire seven in a half years saying the couple are splitting up.
She manages to stay at the top of her game in the music industry for twenty five years and you have critics now saying she is inconsequential.

We build'em up...we break 'em down.

It must take it's toll. This is clearly reflected in her new album. Everyone has heard 'Miles Away' and knows the song is all about a couple that seem to only show affection when there is an ocean separating them. But the song that grabbed me as being the most autobiographical of her relationship was 'Incredible'.

"I don’t want this to end
I am missing my best friend
It was incredible"

Imagine if every single argument you have with your loved one made it into the worldwide would be kind of hard to not get affected by it. I personally do not want to hear about Madonna's personal life outside of what she chooses to tell, just as I wouldn't want her to know mine.
When did our thirst to understand celebrities and love for them turn into wishing them pain?

The human race, I fear, is turning into a bunch of soulless creatures. Perhaps "I Am Legend" (the book) actually did happen and we are all vampires after each others blood for our own survival. Where is Buffy when you need her?

Friday, 23 May 2008

Film Clipperoo's

Since everything is about Cannes right now, I thought I would link up some of the film clips for the movies most likely to be still buzzed about come year end.

What Just Happened?
Two Lovers
The Exchange (Changeling)
Synecdoche, New York

You really get a taste of Jolie's performance.....kind of excited about that one now!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

The funniest news of the day

From Hollywood Elsewhere. Apparently the "Australia" trailer was booed at Cannes as it was shown in front of the "Indian" film. Now there is worry about the film as a whole.

Pish Posh.

Just a bunch of impaient fan boys (mostly straight) who not liking stylization and our dear Nicole. Twats...that trailer is my favourite of the year.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

"The Changeling" is RAVED @ Cannes

Or is it "The Exchange"? I am confused. The former reminds me of the 80's ghost story (If I ever see that wheelchair I will run a mile) and the latter sounds like a drug runner movie. I think I prefer the former.

This is good news for Angelina who is getting career best notices for her lead role. She was wrongly left off the shortlist in 2007 and this should rectify that. Clint Eastwood is looking to gain his 2 millionth Oscar nod.

The man is gold for his actors though. Since "Unforgiven" he has knocked up seven nominations for his actors.
In fact two of those film managed to get three noms each ("Million Dollar Baby" and "Mystic River") so Jolie and possibly others will benefit come year end.

Check out the reviews here

Movies see and reviewed in 2006

A- Volver
A- Little Miss Sunshine
A- Shortbus
A- Pan's Labyrinth
A- The Fountain
A- An Inconvenient Truth
A- United 93
B+ Children of Men
B+ Devil Wears Prada
B+ Snow Cake
B+ Inside Man
B Little Children
B Notes on a Scandal
B Borat
B Happy Feet
B The Queen
B The Departed
B Venus
B The Last King of Scotland
B- X-Man Last Stand
B- Babel
C Dreamgirls
C Superman Returns
C The Prestige
C Blood Diamond
D+ Casino Royal
F The Da Vinci Code

Why have I not seen this?

I have heard of "Peter's Friends" but never seen it. Why is this? Not only does Imelda Staunton sing beautifully, but it has like every great British actor in it. This must be added to my viewing list.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Actress Watch!

And Trailers galore

First up was have some Miller chic and KEIRA KNIGHTLY! in the film "The Edge of Love". Early word has been some RAVES but also a few 'meh' reactions. However they all say wonderful things about Knightly. It is only a matter of time before her next nomination.

Penelope Cruz is going to have a stellar year! Although she will most probably not get awards buzz for this, it will help to solidify her eventual nomination for "Vicky Christina Barcelona". Look out for a Patricia Clarkson to steal the always.

I have been watching some of the clips for Julia Roberts new film "Fireflies in the Garden" and I have to say I am not that impressed by what I am seeing. there are three clips available to view:
"I love you big"
"Meat is murder"
"Did you sleep with her?"
Looks kind of Life time original movie to me.

"Australia" Trailer

OMG this is one of the most beautiful things I have seen. I was never full throttle excited about this before. But BOY AM I NOW!!!!

View in Quicktime here. My Nicole is back...again.