Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Best Score/Song

Best Original Score

'Avatar' - James Horner
Big and epic, like the film itself. Horner knows how to stir the soul

'Coraline' - Bruno Coulais
Mixing the whimsical and the eerie to great effect. You close your eyes and are transported to a world of the fabulously grotesque.

'Fantastic Mr Fox' - Alexandre Desplat
A little bit country, a little bit blue grass. IT sets the mood and keeps your toe tapping.

'A Single Man' - Abel Korzeniowski & Shigeru Umebayashi
The strings, the clock, the drama of it all. You get so caught up you almost can breath.

'Up' - Michael Giacchino
Automatically transports you to those first 10 minutes. A musical memory. sniff

'Where the Wild Things Are' - Carter Burwell and Karen O.
The frantic frenzied sounds of childhood made slightly bitter sweet.

Best Original Song

Someone Else - Crazy Heart - Song Writers: Stephen Bruton and T-Bone Burnett
Paints a great picture of the character, feels like he has been singing it for years.

The Weary Kind - Crazy Heart - Song Writers
Just really a beautiful song that makes an ok film feel so much better.

AyAyAyAyAy - The Maid - Song Writers: Sebastian Silva and Pedro Piedra.
I could sing this song all bloody day. So damn catchy.

Take it All - Nine - Song Writers: Maury Yeston
An extremely flawed film, but it gets it right with giving this number to Cotillard. Wonderful immersion of song and acting.

Possibility - Twilight Saga New Moon - Song Writers: Lykke Li
Another flawed film, but Lykke Li captures the mood of love and longing perfectly

All Is Love - Where the WIld Things Are - Song Writers: Karen O & The Kids.
It is the musical equivalent of happy childhood's where you are running as fast as you can.


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