Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Oscar Race and will it change this year?

Slowly the ratings for Oscar have been doing down like Samantha Jones on New York, and you know ace girl goes down a lot. No one is pressing the on botton on their remote to watch the show aside from us lot.
It seems the Academy has sort of got itself into a predicament. Should they continue to reward the smaller critically acclaimed and more artistic films (as they have been of late) or should they celebrate what the populous love?

This is a question that needs an answer that walks a fine line. ‘The Dark Knight’ is critically acclaimed, has huge box office and the people love it. Can it score a best picture nomination even though it is a Super Hero movie? At this moment in time I am thinking it will miss out of BP, but Christopher Nolan will pick up a directing nom, then again the MASSIVE box office could be enough to get it in (out of the top five US domestic grosser’s, 3 (not including TDK) have gotten Best Picture Oscar noms. This is not saying the Academy are money grabbers, in fact they have seemingly been embracing the notion of actually awarding the ‘best’ films of the year, but in these hard times a big earner could sway the vote.

Last year ‘Juno’ was the biggest hit of the bunch, but was also critically acclaimed, so this could in fact be a good sign for ‘The Dark Knight’. However there are a bunch a films that have yet to be seen: ‘Australia’, ‘Doubt’, ‘Revolutionary Road’, ‘Frost/Nixon’, ‘The Soloist’, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, ‘The Reader’, ‘Body of Lies’, ‘The Road’ and ‘Milk’. You have to plan on at least 2 or 3 of these films making the short list.

Then you have the films that have been screened to extremely positive reviews: ‘The Wrestler’, ‘Changeling’, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, ‘The Hurt Locker’, ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ and ‘Rachel Getting Married’.
These all have a chance at making the final 5 as well.

To be honest this is one of the most exciting years for B.P. I can remember. Even the films that have had poor to ok reviews on ‘AICN’ could be re-edited and stand a chance: ‘Valkyrie’, ‘Nothing but the Truth’ and ‘Defiance’ are a few of these.

Plus there are always those films that are never on any ones radar that come out of nowhere.

I am going to have to seriously think about what to put in the top 10 this time around. A top five is near impossible at this time considering every film you put in there, you can also easily see falling out. There is no front runner emerging yet, and that is good news for those of us who like an exciting race.

In fact there is not one of those films I have mentioned that I am willing to put money down and say “It will be nominated”. Perhaps I am overly cautious, or perhaps 2008 is going to be a great year for movies. What do you think?

I do think the Academy needs to nominate the more popular movies to gain audience ratings for the ceremony, but not at the expense of the best films of the year. Will ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Wall-E’ still be able to stand up at year end as the best of the bunch, or will 5 better films take over the slot? If that happens I will be one happy movie goer.

"My One and Only" Trailer

I only like to post good movie trailers on here, or trailers with possible awards merit....but I saw this, the latest offering from lemon face and I just had to post it, because it kind of made me sad. The woman is not a vamp. She does not look like a vamp, and unless Angelous has bitten her the closest thing to a vamp she will ever be is along side Nicole Kidman's 'Satine' as an Oscar nominee. Nor do I think of her as glamorous, and in the type of glamor and stature she is trying to depict seems just so out of place.
Lets face it, there are some actresses who are more limited than others in the roles they can play. So they play to their strengths.
Sure she can do period (ish) but usually succeeds when she plays dowdy. To Quote Peter Griffin from Family Guy "Sexy leading lady no...cute best friend maybe".

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Madonna Get Stupid

Sometimes one of the best things about her shows are the back drop videos.

Like this.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Trailer park

Firstly we have 'Hunger' which got great reviews at Cannes, and could possibly see some awards love for Michael Fassbender as the hunger striker.

Then we have.. 'Milk'. This looks more promising then I expected. Sean should be a shoo in!

And nothing like a British costume comedy. anything with Scott Thomas will get my interest.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

'The Soloist' Trailer

As good as he was in 'Iron Man', and however much critics are raving him in 'Tropic Thunder' I think this is the one he will be recognized for come year end.
Possibly in Lead with co-star Jamie Foxx.

'Changeling' Trailer

This looks like a winner. Jolie so impressed last year that I am sure she will be welcomed back in the fold, however she won 't win for this. Not sure on BP prospects as there are some major underdogs coming out of Toronto.

'Doubt' Trailer excited about this. Will have to re think my predictions again as Amy Adams looks like she is going to nail this. Plus how exciting was it to see Meryl and Viola in a scene together! Heeeeeeee! Is the Meryl role so comic on stage? Threw me a little.