Friday, 28 August 2009


It is news like this that warms my heart!

Mini Review - 'District 9'

There is not very much to say about ‘District 9’ that has not be already said.
I could waffle on and on about it feeling fresh and original, but of course it is not. What the film does is use many various forms of film styles to depict a horrendous part of human history.
The film is disguised as a simple sci-fi actioner, but the guise is so thinly veiled that you would have to be an idiot not to know the inspiration for this story even if you do not know all specifics.
There are few faults with the film (the villains are slightly cartoonish), but these faults hardly matter when you take a step back and look at the experience of watching this movie, and how it leaves you afterwards (the person I saw the film with was speechless for a while, and immediately got his laptop out and started reading about the source and inspiration for the film.)

There three things that stand out for me.

1 – Director Neill Blomkamp wonderfully takes a documentary style approach mixed with traditional camera work to convey a feeling of history. What this does is serve both the ‘fantasy story’ and the directors actual agenda of shining a light on Apartheid mixed with various other human to human atrocities (Hitler's Germany and the U.S. internment of Japanese Americans during World War II) to the viewers. After watching the film I wanted to know more about the infamous District 6 and what went on there, and so will many other people. Blomkamp forces us to educate ourselves by first entertaining.

2 – Sharlto Copley is simply awards worthy as Wikus. He has never appeared in a feature film before as an actor, yet he handles Wikus' transformation from over-confident nerd to shattered man astonishingly. The one scene where he is forced to use the aliens weaponry is heart breaking.
It is even more mind boggling to learn that almost all of his dialogue was improvised, a tough enough feat for any actor, yet alone a novice. I will be extremely happy if the rest of this year showcases another male performance as good as this.

3 – Apparently this film was made for one fifth of the entire marketing budget for ‘G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra’.
It does not show.
Every frame feels 100% organic and believable. The aliens, even in their strangeness, never seem fake or silly (take note George Lucas).
Here is hoping this at least gets the FX Oscar nomination. It makes one wonder how these overblown budgets for FX filled films actually get so outrageous.

I urge you all to see this movie, then go and spend some time researching the inspiration for this film. Even though it is science fiction, you know every act of human cruelty and hatred comes from a place of fact.
The best film I have seen this year, by far.

Grade - A-

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


South African born and London based singer MPHO (pronounced Mmmm-poh) is one of those artists that completely take you by surprise. Not only was she brought up in my part of London (Clapham), but she has just signed a 5 album deal with EMI.

Her debut single “Box ‘N’ Locks” is a catchy and vibrant slice of pop brilliance. Using Martha and the Muffins “Echo Beach” as a sample, she catches your ear instantly with a ‘be yourself’ anthem.

Considering her role models are Prince and Kate Bush expect MPHO not to me another one of those pop flash in the pans.

Don’t believe me. Well then look at these two live performances.

First she captures the yearning and subtlety of Kate Bush’s master piece “Runing at that Hill” infusing it with such melancholy that you almost want to weep.

Then she goes for Reverend and the Makers “Heavyweight Champion of the World” again bringing up so much feeling with her passion filled vocals.

She is an artist well worth watching, and I wait with baited breath for her debut Pop Art .

Summer Mix Tape

There has been a lot of new music happening lately, but sadly I have not been posting very much at all. So how about my summer mix tape so you all can get a taste of what has been burning up my iPod head phones.

Bat for Lashes – “Daniel”
Her voice, the lyrics and production all come together to make something incredible.

Beyoncé – “Halo”
Sure it is a but Rhianna, but it sums up a certain feeling perfectly.

Chicane – “Poppiholla”
Complete dance remake of Sigur Rós “Hoppipolla” but wonderful none the less.

Florence and the Machine – “Drumming Song”
Just epic

Freemasons Ft: Sophie Ellis Baxter – “Heartbreak (Make me a Dancer)”
Cheesy as velveta, but gets me a shaking.

Gossip – “Four Letter Word”
80’s inspired greatness from Beth Ditto

La Roux – “Bulletproof”
She sold me with this track. Nice to see and hear something a little different. The 80’s are back.

Lady Gaga – “Paparazzi”
More a combination of video and song, but still I love it.

Madonna – “Celebration”
Not her best, but back on to what she does well, even in her sleep.

Mika – “We Are Golden”
Takes a while to warm up to it, but it is a stomper.

Moby – “Study War”
The album was wonderful and this track gives me goose bumps

V.V. Brown – “Shark in the Water”
BRILIANT. May well end up on the best of the year.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Goldy Notay....Hollywood is calling

As you have all already read my dear and talented friend, Goldy Notay (pictured here as a sexy maneater) was cast in Gurinder Chadhas latest film “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” in a lead role.

I am curious because the on-set reports made me yearn to get an invite. My beautiful ingenue raved about how supportive and wonderful the cast was to her and how the set was constantly full of laughter and love, even as she sweated in a fat suit.
She also mentioned that her co star Sally Hawkins ( obsession from last year) was amazing to work with.

The film will be out later this year, I think, and at the moment I am on You Tube everyday trying to find any footage.

Goldy said it was shown at a film festival, but nothing is online as of yet.
The only thing I can find is the poster.

I am hoping to have a nice little bit of gossip from Lady Notay very soon, well at least gossip I can post. Here is hoping Hollywood comes knocking on her door because I have seen her doing ‘The Vagina Monologues’ and the girl is a comedic genius. Just hope she doesn't sell out and so a sitcom, unless it is on HBO or Showtime of course.

The last time I saw her she was fabulous in a printed pink dress as she marched with us in the London Pride parade for equal rights in Bermuda. Because of this you know I will be loyal until she dies and leaves me the Oscar she is bound to win one day.