Sunday, 28 March 2010

Best Actress

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The ladies who lead are:

Nisreen Faour - 'Amreeka'
I do not think there was a warmer performance to be found this year. She keeps the joy despite so many set backs. So many complex emotions are played across her beautiful face it is thrilling to watch. Clip

Carey Mulligan - 'An Education'
A star making turn all right, but people tend to forget that it was the performance that lingered. Playing wise and naive at the same time looked so easy. Clip

Maya Rudolph - 'Away We Go'
One of those performances the ends up staying with you long after you have seen it. she can, in one look show love, hurt, fear, sorrow and mischief. Clip

Catalina Saveedra - 'La Nana'
Shifty, angry, in pain and oh so loyal. Raquel is complex and bewildering. Saveedra makes her so human it hurts to watch. Clip

Gabourey Sidibe - 'Precious'
Never once does she make a choice as an actress that is not completely in serving to the character and story. More highly nuanced and intelligent than most actresses with bigger careers. Clip

Tilda Swinton - 'Julia'
She goes to places for this character that few actresses would dare to tread. Her Julia is a wretch, and she is not scared to get dirty. Clip


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