Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Oscar Fashions

The Best

Anne Hathaway went risky and it paid off greatly. The rose detail, the draping and the colour all looked amazing!

Marion Cotillard also did not play it safe. A lot of negative things were said about her choice of dress, and I was taken aback at first, but after I got used to the colour, shape and pattern, and saw it in full, it was captivating!

Jennifer Garner not only look healthy, but her hair, and make up were perfect. Although I was disappointed she went with black, I loved the detail as you went down.

Saiorse Ronan went very 1930's and age appropriate with the nights most stand out colour. Nice to see the aqua against the red of the carpet.

The Worst

Cannot remember her name (too lazy to look it up) but she looked like she got some of that Spiderman Venom goo in her nether regions and it has escaped.

My BF was right in saying Jessica Alba looked like the last Quality Street left in the box.

The Best Moment of the Night

I especially love the reactions from the other nominees. I am liking Cate again!

Monday, 25 February 2008

Oscar Thoughts.

Firstly what a great night in terms of winners. Everyone I wanted to win, won.

Poor Jennifer Hudson. She really does not seem like she should be an Oscar winner one year later does she? Poor thing could hardly speak. At least Harvey-Air Bardem was sexy and excited about winning a much deserved Oscar (he can be sexy and excited with me any day)

Tilda Swinton gets up there and gives the best speech of the night (how do the brits do this? Always with a good speech!). The moment was only ruined by my friend Jonathan saying "I didn't know Ron Weasley" was nominated.

Then Marion Cotillard wins, which was one of the most enjoyable moments. She was so happy and excited and is the second foreign language performances to win that award! Well done Academy. She seems surprised, excited and just so lovely. So happy for her. See people? Foreign films are so much more than reading.

Then John Stewart brings out Marketa Irglova to finish her rudely cut off speech.

Then, as expected Daniel Day Lewis wins and it is when you see him as himself you realize what an amazing actor he really is, earring or no earring.

I was so happy with the winners. The only ones I was not happy about was Costume design. Just seemed far too obvious. A couple of net curtains attached to hula hoops do not good costumes make.

Will talk about the fashion later.

For the first time ever I saw all the short films (aside from documentary) and all I can say is a majority where a pile of poo poo. The Live Action Short winner was hardly watchable, in fact only two of them were award worthy.

Got the giggles watching "Tonto Woman". After the scene where she washed her tits it officially became known in my group as "Tit Water", "Tit Soup", "There Will Be Tits" or "No Country for Old Tits". Actually laughed about that with my friends for ages.....so juvenile!


Also this year I had video conference with my good friends in New York who kindly changed channels as there was a 10 second delay and they kept spoiling the winners for me! Thank you Jonathan (had the horrible realization "Sweeney Todd" won Art Direction before it was announced here in the UK.)

One of the most memorable award shows in a long time. Too bad Lemon face showed up. And why was Seabiscuit Hillary Swank there? Poor dear could eat an apple through a letter box.

And you know, it was wonderful to see that Diablo Cody was so moved, and no Juno-isms came out. Showed that she is more than just quirk. My eyes even misted over.

Now for next year!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

My Final (eeek!!) Predictions

Best Picture
"No Country for Old Men"

Daniel Day-Lewis, "There Will Be Blood"

Marion Cotillard, "La Vie en Rose"

Supporting Actor
Javier Bardem, "No Country for Old Men"

Supporting Actress
Ruby Dee, "American Gangster"
(I am sticking with my 'an American' has to win one of the acting awards!)

Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, "No Country for Old Men"

Foreign Film
"The Counterfeiters," Austria

Adapted Screenplay
Ronald Harwood, "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"

Original Screenplay
Diablo Cody, "Juno"

Animated Feature Film

Art Direction
(again fully expecting a "There Will Be Blood" win too...just think Atonement is easier for the Academy to get)

"The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford"
(although fully expecting a "Diving Bell" upset here...it was just so damned inventive"

Sound Mixing

Sound Editing
"The Bourne Ultimatum"

Original Score
"Atonement," Dario Marianelli

Original Song
"Falling Slowly" from "Once," Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova

"La Vie en Rose"

Documentary Feature
"No End in Sight"

Documentary (short subject)
"Sari's Mother"

Film Editing
"The Bourne Ultimatum"

"La Vie en Rose"

Animated Short Film
"I Met the Walrus"

Live Action Short Film
"The Tonto Woman"

Visual Effects