Monday, 22 March 2010

Best Voice Acting

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The vocally dexterous are:

Teri Hatcher - Mel Jones / Other Mother - 'Coraline'
She is warm, and then oh so creepy. Some of the best work of her career.

Philip Seymour Hoffman - Max Jerry Horovitz - 'Mary & Max'
Hysterical line delivery. His final line chokes you up something fierce.

Anna Faris - Sam Sparks - 'Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs'
Like the best of her comedy, her Sam is funny, ditzy yet so warm.
Dawn French - Miss Miriam Forcible - 'Coraline'
Only one of the best comedic actresses could pull off such phenomenal voice work.
Shame I do not have a clip.
Jenifer Lewis - Mama Odie - 'The Princess and the Frog'
She sounds like she is having an absolute ball doing this. The energy is infectious.

Jordan Nagai - Russell - 'Up'
So funny and real. The line readings are hysterical, and the touching moments are heart breaking.


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