Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Toronto Factor.

There are so many women up for contention for Best Actress this year, in films that have already been seen. I mean take a look at the list so far:

Annette Bening - 'The Kids Are All Right'
Julianne Moore - 'The Kids Are All Right
Jennifer Lawrence -' Winter's Bone'
Michelle Williams - 'Blue Valentine'
Naomi Watts - 'Fair Game'
Lesley Manville - 'Another Year'
Natalie Portman - 'Black Swan'
Juia Roberts - 'Eat, Pray, Love'
Tilda Swinton - 'I am Love'
Rinko Kikuchi - 'Norwegian Wood'
Noomi Rapace - 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'

And for Supporting:

Lesley Manville - 'Another Year' (could change to lead)
Ruth Sheen - 'Another Year'
Barbara Hershey - 'Black Swan'
Mila Kunis - 'Black Swan'
Jackie Weaver - 'Animal Kingdom'
Marion Cotillard - 'Inception'
Kristen Scott Thomas - 'Nowhere Boy'
Anne Marie Duff - 'Nowhere Boy'
Sissy Spacek - 'Get Low'

Now with Toronto on the horizon, there is a giant pool of possible contenders. This is cause for celebration as in most years, around this time there are only 7 or 8 real contenders for consideration in any one year.

Let's take a look at the women who could, with a good enough performance, could find themselves firmly in the mix for this years awards.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010


The explanation for my lack of posting. Aside from the fact that I have been enjoying a nice summer with my husband as well as dealing with other personal bits and pieces - which leaves very little time to blogging. However another reason is this. It seems that there is a considerable lack of current excitement in the movie blogging world at the moment. How else can you explain the sudden surge in movie bloggers going EMMY crazy? I mean in terms of awards, the EMMY's are by far the worst in terms of lazy awarding.
How else do you explain Archie Panjabi beating out Elizabeth Moss for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama?
See even I have been interested in the EMMY's this year since I find the most engaging work to be on television, I have however tried my best not to blog about them - although the work they "award" ignites passion in me.

With wonderful dramas like 'Tremé' and 'Mad Men' to constantly engage me with wonderful writing and performances (the performances are so good, and so subtle that awards bodies usually fail to notice).
Then we have the comedies - that leave me joyous. '£0 Rock' even on a bad day is still oh so good. "Glee' is pure joy, even if slightly uneven, and 'Cougar Town' is such a wonderful guilty pleasure and a fantastic ensemble. And do not get me started on the amazing and delightful 'Modern Family', the getting better with each episode of 'Parks and Recreation' and the cancelled all too soon 'Party Down'. All brilliant comedies - and not a laugh track to be heard.

Then we have those shows that walk the fine line between the two. 'Nurse Jackie' is a comedy in time only (the half hour slot) but features some of the most moving, humorous and complex women seen on screen. Then we have 'United States of Tara' which manages to show the complexity of childhood trauma in a very real way. Then we have the pure soap opera of the fantastic 'True Blood' which features some of the most delicious campy acting, which never become pantomime.

Then I look at what is on offer in the cinemas, and I just cannot get excited - especially since we get the films so much later here in the UK. I am just going to wait and start getting back in the game once the Toronto Film Festival happens. That is when the electricity starts.

Until then, I will continue to read all the latest movie news with the same sort of apathy I reserve for the EMMY's.