Friday, 6 June 2008

Best Actor Predictions

1)Mickey Rourke – The Wrestler
This is the stuff Oscar eats up, however oddly enough, the performance is apparently deserving of all this praise. Expect to see him make the shortlist easily. The win may be more difficult. previous ranking: 1)

2) Sean Penn - Milk
He is after all Sean Penn and the Academy do like him. I would not be at all surprised to see his name announced, but I am not sure he could win the award. Trailer looks promising previous ranking: 2)

3) Frank Langella - Frost/Nixon.
After last years near nomination, he should have no trouble getting a nod for a role he perfected on stage. Even if the film falters he should manage to say in sentimentality alone. previous ranking: 3)

4) Clint Eastwood - 'Gran Torino'
Please, this is the Oscars. The man has two films out, they are going to nominated him somewhere, and this looks like the best place to put him. If he is nominated here, expect a win. It is after all Clint.

5) Leonardo DiCaprio - Revolutionary Road/House of Lies
I am thinking the whole 'Titanic' angle may be too much to resist. There was controversy when he wasn't nominated for that film, and now he is a much better actor. Again impressive trailer. previous ranking: 4)

6) Richard Jenkins - The Visitor
Every review for the film has highly praised his performance, it is just a case of being remembered come year end. It is nearing year end and he has not been forgotten, but still can be. previous ranking: 7)

7) Brad Pitt - the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
Am I the only one not convinced he can pull this off. So many people love the Pitt, and sure he is pretty and all, but I am still not convinced on how great his acting talent is. previous ranking: 9)

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Get me to Ember!

How beautiful does this film look.

I keep harping on about you reading the book. If I have to come to your house myself to do so I will.
It is a wonderful story, and I am sure it will be a fantastic film (my fingers are SO crossed!)

Here are some pics to wet your appetite. I so smell an Art Direction Oscar nomination coming it's way!

Click to embiggen (thanks for these Blair)

Best Picture Predictions

1) ”Slumdog Millionaire
With the deafening buzz and audience cheers from Toronto, this looks like a sure fire crow pleaser. Could be just the thing to shake up the best picture race this year. Danny Boyle is a director who has delivered solid films for years. This looks like it could be the one to be a front runner. The reviews are there. All we need is the box office and the Academy will follow. previous ranking: NEW)

2) "Milk"
I have little faith that a gay-themed movie can make it in. "Brokeback Mountain" was an exception.
I also have lost a little faith in Van Sant as a director, especially with something this big. However given the subject matter he may just pull out all the stops to make a stand out film. Fingers crossed. (previous ranking: 2, 4, 10)

3) "The Dark Knight"
Who would have thunk it?
Not I for a starter, but then again I didn’t expect the film to be as good as it was, or as critically praised. We are in October and it is still this and ‘Wall-E’ that are scoring a ‘universal praise’ score on Metacritic. Nothing else has.
I can see this making it through. The Academy needs a big hit to attract an audience to the show. (previous ranking: 3, 4, NEW)

4) "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"
David Fincher is one of those directors that is going to be welcomed sooner or later.
If he can pull off this story that it could very well be sooner. The cast is interesting and so is the story.
Will the Academy really embrace this? More importantly will it be any good.
Those who have seen it love it, some feel a little cold, but it is about time for Fincher (previous ranking: 5, 6, 5)

5) "Wall-E"
I just think it is about time another animated film was nominated. Pixar has been turning out solid film after solid film, plus the critics awards have been very very kind.
The main con is that with the newish animated category, the Academy may not want to cross pollinate although it should. (previous ranking: 12, 4)

6) "Frost/Nixon"
Yet another loved stage play enters the mix.
This will definitely be an acting showcase, but will it be a riveting film?
On stage....yes, on film..apparently so. This could be one of those well reviewed films that just doesn't click with the Academy come year end. Then again with the political climate, it could be impossible to ignore, reviews are just fine (previous ranking: 11, 10, 8, 3)

7) "The Wrestler"
The film is supposed to be exceptional. It’s biggest hurdle will be getting people to see it since the subject matter is really not to everyone’s taste.
This could be all about Rourke’s performance, or it could be about the film entirely.
I expect it to make its mark come year end accolades though, but maybe not the big one. (previous ranking: 5, 12, NEW)

8) "Revolutionary Road"
This film looks like Oscar gold on paper.
However is previous years say anything, the early front runner always stumbles.
Sam Mendes has been turning out solid films, but has not gotten the love since his debut. This could be one of those 'acting only' films, which it could very well be.
The reviews will tell all. (previous ranking: 6, 7, 7)

9) "Doubt"
This just scream prestige, plus the fact that Meryl is looking like she is on her way to her 3rd win. This could be the big serious film of the bunch. The only iffy part is how well the stage play translates to screen. That is always a difficult task, however the actors should be able to fill any holes. Although, no matter how good, is it enough in this competitive race? (previous ranking: 7, 8, 1)

10) "Happy-Go-Lucky"
They like Mike Leigh a lot.
The film has gotten sterling reviews this side of the pond saying it is his most accessible film to date.
A nomination for his leading lady is likely, as is screenplay, but what will they make of the film.
It could stand out like a beacon a mist the very serious films in contention. (previous ranking: 9, 8, 6)

New Madonna video

Nice to see Madonna dancing about....always makes me smile, even if it is in her knickers.

Lordy I do love this song!!

Monday, 2 June 2008

Music Mondays.

Just because I have had it on repeat all day and it is a epic track. Bloc Party's 'Flux'