Saturday, 30 August 2008

Michael, Jeremy Barcelona

Me and mine are off to Barcelona for two weeks (dos semanas).

I will be en la plya soaking up el sol and making sure I make good use out of the siesta (it really is like having two days in one)

As I fly out I will leave you with some more Madonna in all hr Spanish wanna be glory (including that new track...ugh!

From left to right
La Isla Bonita, Who's That Girl, Veras, Be Careful, Lo que sienta la Mujer, Spanish Lessons.

I am offering a fantastic opportunity

Right here...on this can see the entire 'Sticky and Sweet' tour by MADONNA!!!!

This fantastic opportunity is bought to me by MADONNAGLAMxxx.

Watch it here!!!

So I have been obsessed with watching this non stop on You Tube. Through all the crappy vid's and bad sound you get a good idea of how the show is, especially with this little breakdown. And while it is no 'Confessions Tour' it is still Madonna and the woman can put on a show. But no 'Holiday' again!!??!! She needs to rethink that for next time!

I am LOVING her versions of 'Borderline', 'Into the Groove', and 'Like a Prayer'.
But no so much the new stuff (and it does come across as weak when compared with the rest of her catalogue here). I have been thinking about my dream Madonna tour. And have decided that I will plan my own. Stay tuned

Friday, 29 August 2008

Paint the world Pink!

So maybe I do love this song utterly, but it is Pink.
If anyone was to follow in Madonna's foot steps I really thought she would be the one.

What do you all think?

Isn't that a lovely...

'Best Actor in a Leading Role' poster?

Thursday, 28 August 2008

"The Secret Life of Bee's" Trailer

Ok. This could go many ways. I am hoping it goes the direction of 'Fried Green Tomatoes' and 'Eve's Bayou' instead of something slushy (which the trailer is hinting at with not too much subtlety).
Nothing is shown of Sophie Okonedo's performance as 'May', but lots is shown of Latifah, so she could possibly be in contention for supporting actress at years end.

We know Hudson will not be up, but the big question will be how good will she be? Can she actually become a legitimate actress?

Come on! Vote!

The title of the post is funny if you sing it in the manner of 'Vogue'.

that is right Emma, everyone loves a winner.
It seems Emma Thompson is indeed loved by critics and the Academy, but watch out of Mary McDonnell and her passionate fish who are swimming close behind.

Have your say! Vote for who you think should have won Best Actress in 1992. The Poll is to your right (in the side bar)

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

La Vie En

Sasha Stone leads us to this possible news about the casting for Batman 3. I love this idea more so than this one which let's face it is not even in the planning stages. Catwoman is a difficult character to get your head around. she is either played for laughs or sex appeal. Michelle Pfeiffer is the definitive Catwoman of our times, but she does need a revamp.


Sure she sounds like a French food dish, but Beyonce's sister seems to me to be the real deal. Instead of taking on the oh-so-tired r-n-b sound that is saturating the airwavesm she takes it back with not only a catchy stompy little ditty, but her video is equally as fun.

Looks like the Knowles family has someone a little bit more talented (at least to these ears).

Super plan?

With the success of "The Dark Knight" it seems that Warner is now decided to get more return on investment out of their DC Comics characters by giving them a dose of reality. Sure it works for Batman, but he has no super powers aside from money and therefore is easy for Joe public to relate to, but can it work for Superman?

Yes, even after the attempted reboot of the franchise in 2006 with "Superman Returns" which ultimately is seen as a failure, Warner is still looking at the man with the cape (Edna would so have something to say).

While this is being planned, other films such as "Justice League of America" will be put on the back burner as they plan out a way to re-introduce the man of steel in a way that will allow for a franchise.

Picture Group President, Jeff Robinov, wants to explore the darker side of these characters. And while there are plans for other DC crime fighters to make the transition to the big screen (Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Flash and Wonder Woman) it is Superman that is getting the majority of the attention.

Batman works, not because it is dark, but because it is grounded in reality. No fantastical set pieces and shocking day glow colours to remind us that this is a fabricated world.
This is the same reason "The Incredibles" worked. The first half of the film was entirely based in the real world. It played out like an Alexander Payne film, and once the audience was comfortable and could relate to these characters, then it became super.

How can we relate to Superman or Wonder Woman as people?

They have their work cut out for them if you ask me. Christopher Nolan was lucky and very clever and probably had a lot of internal fights with the studios with "Batman Begins". You have to be a strong director to not let the studio wave it's 'wider audience' wand over a film.

For Superman, the audience will always be there. $100 million at least. But the trick is to make it all seem new, to make us relate, and to leave us wanting more. So far there have been several movies about the man, countless TV shows and many many cartoon versions. Is there something left to say, and if there is, who out there will be able to say it?

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

"Frost/Nixon" Trailer

I so thought going into this that I would be blown away by Langella as Nixon, and yes he is fantastic, but I am thinking there will be a lot of hurrahs for Michael Sheen as David Frost and Sam Rockwell as James Reston Jr.

Frost Nixon
Uploaded by Endling

Lets hope Ron Howard can deliver, 'cause y'all know Opie does like to make his films controversy free with added slush.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Still looking back and loving it.

This weekend I have been going back re-listening to the Madonna back catalogue. Simply amazing. 'Erotica' still sounds bloody fresh. 'Like a Prayer' is still a magical music experience. 'Ray of Light' is superb. 'Confessions' is brilliant, and I still find hidden layers to the music now. What has surprised me the most though is just the brilliance of 'Music'. So experimental, so unlike her, and featuring songs, that 7 years on still sound musically inventive and striking, even to these overly Madonna saturated ears.

So let's celebrate her concert kick off in Cardiff last night with one of the best performances she has given on stage recently.

I will be getting back to movies soon, but for the time being this will be very Madonna based. Still working through my issues with 'Hard Candy' you see.

Do I smell a Golden Globe nom?

Although "The House Bunny" has not gotten across the board raves, it seems its star is finally getting the notice she deserves. The reviews on her work is basically unanimous in effect calling her a comedy genius. We of course already knew that.

"The movie is basically on one level and Faris on another -- in that exclusive aerie occupied by Judy Holliday, Carole Lombard, Lucille Ball and a few other blissfully original comedy goddesses." - LA Weekly, Scott Foundas

"Manages to stand on its own two skyscraper heels thanks to the comic force of nature that is Anna Faris." - The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Rechtshaffen

Hopefully she can walk away with a Globe nom. She more than deserves it.