Sunday, 2 May 2010

Trailers, Trailers, Trailers!

I love me a good trailer park!


You know, I am kind of loving the premise, even if I al ready know that some of the reviews from Sundance were not the strongest. Sure there is the cheesy dialogue but this film does appear to have some intelligence behind it. Plus the buzz is that even though it borrows from many science fiction films, the end result is kind of original. Originality is something lacking from most of todays films.
Plus I do have a little crush on Adrian Brody and doesn't every one love Sarah Polley?

'Jonah Hex'

Totally not really buying this. Sure we all love Josh Brolin and Megan Fox looks bearable, I just do not understand what his power is. Guns?
Expect this to do moderate box office, even if the reviews are exceptionally strong.
Todays audiences like what they know, and a majority of them do not know this and it is not in 3D either.


Now Ryan Reynolds impressed me to no end in 'The Nines' and even though he has been doing a lot of pop he is a good actor. This looks like it will be a showcase for him since it is him, in a coffin for the entire film, buried under ground.
This film has done exceedingly well with reviewers since Sundance, so expect a strong showing for this indie.


I love horses, I just do not like the idea of hopping on ones back and making it run as fast as it can. This is who I have never really likes the horse racing sub genre in film.
However this looks like it could be a showcase for Diane Lane, John Malkovich and James Cromwell (he seems to do well with animals) however the whole "Disney" thing also makes it reek of sugar and honey and all things sickly.
It will be interesting to see what this one does.

And finally, those twats at Dimension will not allow for embedding for 'Piranha 3D'. Why, I do not know except that they are kunts,
Anywho follow the link to see what will surely bee the biggest trash fest of the summer. I for one cannot wait.