Thursday, 14 February 2008

New "Indiana Jones" Trailer

Loving Cate's Edna Mode hair style

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Sometimes after seeing a movie you feel so in love with it, that it's flaws are not seen right away. With the passage of time come great learning. I have learned that although the thought of three grade A films in one year is a wonderful thought, it is not always going to may be seeing some changes, or not.

I grade all the way to A+ and few films have gotten that ("Moulin Rouge!" has OF COURSE!). That comes with time and re-watching. Re-watch this space.

Mini Review - Two for Tuesday 2

"A Mighty Heart"

Guess what everyone? Michael here need to have a big ole helping of crow pie. While I still stand by my earlier stance that it is a crime ethnic actors are continuously passed over for roles in favour of safe white big named actors, I have to say Angelina Jolie took my breath away completely in this role. I expected her celebrity to overshadow her performance, but she got lost under brave and stoic skin of Marianne Pearl, a woman intelligently dealing with the kidnapping of her husband.

Also outstanding (again) was Irrfan Khan as the head of police assigned to the case. He is one of those actors that can act out entire narratives with his eyes, giving the viewer so much more to work with. The copy I watched had no subtitles for the time they spoke in Urdu, but with this gifted actor, they were not needed.

Most people know the story (and if you don't, for shame!) and its horrific ending, and Michael Winterbottom deserves all the praise in the world for steering away from sentimentalism and keeping the documentary style film ringing true.
Again I have to mention Angelina. For the first time the woman has proven that she is an amazing actress (imho) and it is a crime Cate Blanchett is nominated in her place at this years Oscars.
A -

"There Will Be Blood"

What can I say about this film and it's performances and director that has not been said already.

I would just be repeating the general consensus and that is a very very boring read. So this is going to be the shortest review EVER, and I am sure you are all glad for that.

The film is visually magnificent. The score is unsettling and genius. Daniel Day-Lewis is phenomenal. Paul Dano stands his ground brilliantly (who knew?). Paul Thomas Anderson has crafted a movie that will be studied for a very very long time.

I didn't love it.

I have an admiration bordering on love, but this is a very very tough film to love. The characters are horrible and the story, for one shot in the desert, is not very warm. However (a fancy 'but') this is not the film to cause flutters and pangs in your heart. It is meant to open the viewers eyes and educate. Daniel Plainview and Eli Sunday represent corporate and religious America respectively. They may even represent the world, who knows. What is apparent is that this war is giving the creative talent in the world inspiration through anger. "There Will be Blood" is a very angry film, and Paul Thomas Anderson does not hide it.
In terms of pure balls, he and his film is genius
A -