Saturday, 7 February 2009

Bale Schmale

So these Christian Bale rants and hurls of abuse have been going around the net. I have received them in emails with subject likes like "What a Twat" and "Such an Asshole".
I wasn't going to write about it until I received my 7th email (at work of all places) on the subject.

People need to get over themselves. I have behaved like a right twat to my loved one before (sorry honey), but I am not a celebrity so I doubt there is ever anyone recording it.
This happens all the time in Hollywood and people get up on their high horses and judge. I mean lets face facts, we are all living in glass houses throwing stones.

Sure Christian lost it. But he has apologized for it, the guy the rants were aimed at doesn't care. It is over. Why do people give a f*ck?

I love movies, and I especially love good actors. I do not care if Russell Crowe throws a phone at a hotel worker or Lily Tomlin and David O. Russell f*ck each other off or Alec Baldwin calls his daughter a 'little pig'. Why should I? I do not live their lives. I just care about what they put out on screen.

I mean I love 'Dancer in the Dark', even though I know Lars Von Trier treated Bjork like crap on the set. He still got magic out of her and the end result was sublime.

All I know is that the Bale incident happened last summer and it is finally making it's way onto the internet now, just after 'The Dark Knight' lost out on an Oscar nomination and is getting even more hype and his next film 'Terminator: Salvation' hits theaters this summer. Nice coincidence.

We do like to bring them down when they are on top don't we.

As for me, I couldn't give two shits really. He is a good actor and a hot one at that. I do like a man with a bit of fire in him.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Do You Want Sex?

Well Oscar snubbee extraordinaire does. In fact she wants it so bad she has signed up for a movie about the 1968 strike at the Ford Dagenham car plant when 850 female workers walked out in protest against sexual discrimination in their job performance evaluations.

During the protest, the strike committee was invited to tea by Barbara Castle, employment secretary in then-prime minister Harold Wilson's Labour government.
It was during that meeting that the strikers raised the issue of equal pay for the first time.

That is right performance watchers. Sally Hawkins is wanting sex! She is signed on to star in the film 'We Want Sex', and if that was not excitement enough, Imelda Staunton is in negotiations to play Castle.


The title is a reference to a famous banner carried by the women during one march proclaiming "We Want Sex Equality." Only the 'Equality' had dropped off (that says so much, even today).

However the film is not all that serious and will be played with lashings of humor. Those two actresses have proven they do humor very very well.
Richard 'Love Actually' Curtis is helming the project.

This will most likely be due in 2010, but if it moves up, Hawkins will have 4 films opening in 2009. Shove that snub right back in their faces!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

'Get Happy'

Most probably my fav song by Judy Garland.
It is also the title of the planned Biopic of the star by those quiet and lovely chaps at The Weinstein Co.
The Author of the book 'Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland' also wrote the book the 'Capote' screenplay was based on.

But haven't we just had a Judy Garland Biopic starring the brilliant Judy Davis?
Was I imagining this?

Well however short Harvey's memory is for other movies, his knowledge of how to get an Oscar nomination is not to be messed with. Whoever plays Judy will be in for some major prize grabbing.

May I suggest on brilliant actress who would tear this role up on screen?


In fact, as her performance in 'The United States of Tara' proves, give her every role. She can do it.

How many King Lears does it take to screw in a light bulb?

2 apparently.

Director Joshua Michael Stern was going to release his version of the bard tale in 2010 with Anthony Hopkins as King Lear and a who's who of Oscar nominated actresses as his daughters.
Naomi Watts would play Goneril and Gwyneth Paltrow would play Regan with Keira Knightly playing the kind Cordelia.
And that for me was pretty damn exciting.
The Variety announces that Mr Shouty himself, Al Pachino, is playing King Lear in an adaptation of the play by director Michael Radford.
Is this the same project, just being re-cast with a new director on board?

Why do we need two?
Will there be any sets left after filming with these two actors chewing the scenery?

I, myself am more of a Hopkins fan, I find Pachino a little too, well, loud for me. I have disliked him ever since 'Scent of a Woman' which....well....stunk, mainly due to his performance. And his over the top turn in 'Dick Tracey' gave me a headache.
Sure Tony can be totally over the top, but he is also incredibly nuanced. I mean 'The Remains of the Day' was brilliant work was it not?
However the main reason to be excited about Tony's version of the film is the women playing his daughters. How exciting is that line up?

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

This Used to be My Oscar

Ok, not been buying or listening to any new music of late, but have been listening to a lot of Madonna.
I know, I know, you are shocked to the very core with surprise!
However, you know what occurred to me?
The woman has never been nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song!
No even once!
How can this be?

Do they view her like the Grammies used to view her? I mean she has written some great songs for the screen. Take a look:
1985 - Crazy For You
1985 - Gambler
1986 - Live To Tell
1987 - Who's That Girl
1987 - Causing a Commotion
1987 - Look Of Love
1992 - This Used To Be My Playground
1994 - I'll Remember
1999 - Beautiful Stranger
2002 - Die Another Day
You can take a look at the other nominees here here, some are understandable.....some so clearly are not.

Sure there are some memorable songs, but most of Madonna's are timeless. How come she has yet to score a single nomination? Sure she has performed twice (each time the song wins) but they never seem to want to give her any real credit!
Is she just too fabulous to receive an Oscar?
Would the site of her holding that award be too much fabulosity for people and their eye balls will melt?
Is the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences so afraid of global blindness?
Are they afraid of having to rely on Julianne Moore in order to survive because she may be a little miffed about not being rewarded with an Oscar?

I think yes.

Music Tuesday Interrupted!

Lionsgate has stepped in and acquired distribution on 'Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire'.
Of course I am over the moon that the film has found distribution, but I am concerned a little bit when looking at it's filmography.

However they paid upwards of $5,000,000 for the film (the biggest buy from Sundance) and are planning to distribute it this year, which means they honestly believe they have something special.

Added to this it seems that Queen Oprah has stepped in and, along with Tyler Perry, have joined forces to promote the film through their respective companies.
You know this will get the promotion it deserves, and bigger than I am sure even Lee Daniels could have imagined.
Good on Oprah is all I have to say!

To quote Oprah:
"I've never seen anything like it. The moment I saw 'Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire,' I knew I wanted to do whatever I could to encourage other people to see this movie. The film is so raw and powerful -- it split me open,"
Thi film is going to be release and be seen. I am one happy little pumpkin. This added to the fact yesterday I had my first ever snow day in my life, makes it one hell of a week!

Monday, 2 February 2009

I Love Alice.

Alice is one of the personalities who inhabit Tara (aka God aka Toni Collette) and she is a brilliant creation. !960's homemaker, but with a serious dark side.

She comes to Tara aid just in time to visit her son Marshall's English teacher who has been singling him out.

Alice: "Why I won't be about a minute. I came by to drop off some treats for the bake sale and figured while i was here I would POP in and meet my boys teacher. Mr Gershenoff, it is SUCH a pleasure."

Mr Gershenoff: "Thank you".

Alice: "We're so very worried about our Marshall. Should we be concerned?"

Mr Gershenoff: "Um..Marshall's a unique challenge."

Alice: "And what about your challenges?"

Mr. Gershenoff: "Sorry?"

Alice: Oh Mr. Gershenoff, I feel so formal. May I call you by your first name? What is your first name?"

Mr. Gershenoff: "Oral."

Alice: "Mr. Gershenoff, we all know what this is really about.........Being different. And you out of anyone must understand.

Poor little Oral Gershenoff, sitting in the back of the class with funny hair and his funny name.... dreaming about sports he would never play, and girls he would never touch.
You know pandering to the football captains and prom queens of today won't take away the pain of yesterday......

....they can't appreciate you right now any more than they did back then.....and taking it out on the weird kid, won't help that weird kid.... there. It's time to start loving Oral"

SNAP!!! I now declare Toni Collette as GOD. Bow down to her powers.

Summer Blockbuster Trailer Crazy

You can view 'Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen' right here.
Can't really tell what it looks like as well, night time shows and editing can hide many many fx flaws. Still the kid in me is FREAKING OUT!
I hope Soundwave has the same voice though!

Am I one of the few who is not excited about 'Star Trek' ? The guy playing Kirk looks like a reject from 'Dawson's Creek'. trailer here.

Will Farrell's 'Land of the Lost does look like it is going to be fun. Most likely a big family hit for him. The crab made me laugh so idea why.

I laughed before I could help myself. 'Year One' is going to be a hit, but a good film, that all depends on how clever the screenplay is. judging by this it could work really well.

'Angels and Demons'. Oh Jesus. Ewan McGregor sounds like the lucky charms leprechaun.

'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra'. I was not a G.I. Joe kid, no matter how much friends and parents tried. I was more Transformers and He-Man (and Barbie and My Little Pony, but that is a WHOLE other blog post!)
Any who...the trailer looks kind of awesome and eye popping, but will most likely be all Gloss and shine but no substance....but hey it is the summer.