Saturday, 24 November 2007

Sometimes I do forget

I forget how the movies can transport you into another world. A world so comfortable that you never want to leave. The movie can make you feel so many things, something we tend to forget with the slew of blockbuster drivel
The hardest thing a movie can make you feel is that elusive sensation of falling in love.
So sometimes I forget about that one movie that made me believe true love was able to be captured on celluloid.
This film did that in spades.
By the the time the forth pic graced the screen, I was head over heels.
Thanks you "Moulin Rogue!" team.

Aside from this and "The Lord of the RIngs: trilogy when, in this decade, has movie making been so magical

Prediction Update Time.

Ok so I have been thinking about the various categories and have decided who I want to predict now (I hope it is at least a month before I have to do this again).
I have been voting with my heart and have tried to drop that horrible habit, but as you can see "The Kite Runner" is still high so I may need to do more work on myself.
The fact that all the heavy films are not doing well gives me great pause as to how this race will turn out. I mean “Enchanted” is scoring massive with critics…could that shake up Best Picture???

Best Picture: I am still holding out hope the studio will get it together in regards to “The Kite Runner”. “Sweeney Todd enters the top five simply because I am so see this happening. The Academy may want a bit of escapism from all the downers this year. See the rest of them here

Best Actress: A tough one. Who to drop and who to keep in. Christie has dropped out of the top five against my heart telling me no. Instead Amy and Laura rise. Why do you say this Michael? Well because with all the world going to shit, and most of the movies reminding us of this, I am thinking the Academy will stick their collective heads in the sand and celebrate the comedies. No where are there stronger comedy performances than in Best Actress. Check ‘em out here

Best Actor: This pretty much remains the same, except Johnny Depp rises into the top five at the expense of John Cusack. And Frank Langella makes his first appearance in the top 10. Go Frank!!! See the rest of them here

Best Supporting Actress: Redgrave slips into the top five, while Swinton and MacDonald remain on shaky ground, barely holding on. They need to beat out veteran Ruby Dee, new kid Amy Ryan and running joke Tomei. They are all fighting here.

Best Supporting Actor: Well Hoffman and Rickman infiltrate the top five while Stahl and Finney plummet. Based entirely on Harry Knowles review, and the love he got last year, Sasha Baron Cohen makes the top ten. I can actually see this happening, but he will have to fight off Rickman. See all the boys here

Friday, 23 November 2007

The Best Supporting Actress Race

News is lacking so some "Juno" clips

(I have yet to see what the fuss is all about (except for clip No. 4...awwee!!_


Here is a little "The Dark Knight" news for you case you are interested

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Best Supporting Actress Race

All bets are off

Or so it would see.

At this point there seems to be only two sure things in this years Oscar race.

1) Cate Blanchett will get nominated in Best Supporting Actress for "I'm Not There"

2) Ratatouille will get nominated for Best Animated Picture

There is really nothing else. There are safe bets though, but right now they could still suffer from a bad campaign, or a bigger louder late release stealing thunder.

People are saying Daniel Day Lewis is a sure thing for "There Will Be Blood" but maybe Sasha Stone is right with her review. This is a funny ole year. What was going to be a bumper crop of war films filling the slates now looks like it could be the most eclectic bunch of films ever. We are even getting raves for Disney's "Enchanted" and that feel good factor can go a long way!

Who would you have a surprise, but not unworthy nominee for the top categories?
Mine are:

Best Picture - "Enchanted"
Best Director - John Carney for "Once"
Best Original Screenplay - "Once"
Best Adapted Screenplay - "The Assassination of Jessie James"
Best Actor - Don Cheadle for "Talk to Me"
Best Actress - Jeon Do-yeon for "Secret Sunshine"
Best Supporting Actor - Sasha Baron Coen for "Sweeney Todd" (Harry thinks it could happen - See below)
Best Supporting Actress - Samantha Morton for either "The Golden Age" or "Control" (She has garnered two surprise noms before...they obviously love her)

A snippit from Harry Knowles review of "Sweeney Todd"

"However, the character that probably a ton of you are waiting to hear about is Sacha Baron Cohen’s Signor Adolfo Pirelli, the greatest barber in the world – or so he claims. I’m happy to report that Sacha is utterly brilliant and hilarious in that role. During THE CONTEST folks are going to go friggin’ nuts over him – and this is exactly the sort of role that the Academy might nominate for a Supporting Actor nod. It’s a delicious and wondrous character and Cohen blew the audience away with this performance. And I expect that every time this movie plays that beginning with the introduction of Pirelli’s character – the mass audience is going to fall head over heels for the film. His scenes are the lightest and most fun of the film (in a traditional mainstream way)."

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The Best Supporting Actress Race

The Year of Opposites

This year the contenders in the acting categories are polar opposites.
I do not mean they are all opposite of each other, rather Best Actress is opposite of Best Actor and so forth.
Best Actress is jam packed with light and fluffy performances (even the dramatic performances are not all that heavy). We have a Disney Princess, an dysfunctional sibling, a smart mouthed pregnant teen and who could forget a horrendously frank sister at a wedding.
Best Actor is all murder, mayhem, greed and grief. Come one men...lighten up!!

The same can be said for those in the supporting categories. Best Supporting Actor is (aside from Philip Seymour Hoffma) awash with crazy, murderous and preachy.

While Supporting Actress is heavier than their lead big sisters, but still a light bunch. Could this finally prove what I have expected for ages...women are funnier than men??

What it definately proves is that this writers strike needs to end so the writers can get back to writing...and please write some brilliant screenplays for women. Sure they can be light and fluffy, but they have such a vast depth with investigating.

Monday, 19 November 2007

The Poll

Come on people!!! I cannot believe Pauline Collins is whooping Michelle's arse in the Best Actresss stakes. Sure I voted for her but I totally thought I was alone! Once the total votes reach 200 I will do the next one!


The Best Supporting Actress Race

Another "Enchanted" clip

The more I see of this the more excited I get and think Amy is headed for Oscar nominated number two.

Sunday, 18 November 2007