Friday, 16 April 2010

'Sex and the City 2' poster

Love it! No idea why you would need glasses on a stick in the desert, or how she is managing to walk in heels (unless they are wedges) in sand, or why, for the love of Madonna would she have so much flesh exposed in that heat (although it does look cloudy) but it just all works so well. It is as is she is some magic fairy coming towards you to grant shopping wishes.

Challenging Kiki

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Rampling, Udo Kier and not one Skarsgaard, but two, in the shape of Stellan and Alexander and now Kiki Dunst has signed on for Lars Von Trier's 'Melancholia' which is his venture into science fiction. It is a disaster film about the death of the planet and with his tag line of "no more happy endings" you can expect therapy afterwards.

This is a very very brave choice for Dunst. I am not saying she does not have the chops, but Von Trier is notorious for being a bit of a whip master with his actresses. On the upside he does constantly get amazing performances out of them (Emily Watson, Bjork, Nicole Kidman, Charlotte Gainsbourg - who obviously did not get enough abuse the first time round).

With Dunst and Gainsbourg the additions of Rampling (yay!) Sutherland is a surprise, but a good one as well. And any film that has Alexander Skarsgaard (who got me all wet in 'Generation Kill) is a must see in my book.

This is good for Kiki though as it shows she is looking for a challenge and is about the art of acting and not her name in lights. I love it when actors challenge themselves.
As one work college said with a chuckle upon hearing this new: "He is going to break her".

Remembering Pocahontas

It was 2005 and one of the most beautiful things to grace the screen came in the form of Q'orianka Kilcher. We have hardly seen her in films since, and the machine loves a great beauty. Strange.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Marvel considers Joss

Joss Whedon is being talked about for the job of ‘The Avengers’ director for a while now, but it appears that Marvel was taking its time to think over its options before finally settling on the final choice.

Since he has written for Marvel (he penned some amazing issues of the Brian K Vaughn-created Runaways series, as well as working on an Astonishing X-Men run) he should be a good fit. Perhaps they are concerned that as a director he is not the most ‘bankable’ and has mainly worked in TV. To that I say – “f*ck you” as his TV work is so much better than most of the drivel that gets released into cinemas.
Whatever people may think, he has the right sort of character focus to hold interest when we are not gawking at the spectacle. That is something that is needed in the summer blockbuster. If the character work is not there, then repeat viewings tend to grate, or never happen.

It will also be interesting to see if he can get the line up of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) or if turns out to include The Hulk, and whether Edward Norton is asked to sign on - or even agrees to do it.

The Avengers will see a line-up that includes Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) teaming up to fight a big threat. Whether that turns out to be The Hulk, and whether Edward Norton is asked to sign on or even agrees, is another matter.

Viola looks for 'Help'

Well it seems that I was right all along. The lovely, talented and Oscarless Viola Davis is in talk to star in ‘The Help’ which I have blogged about before.

Now this is fantastic news (although the character Abeline is slightly older and wider) for the film as it lends some credibility.
My main worry is still the same. If they push the (white) character of Skeeter as the lead and the 2 other leads (Abeline and Minny) as supporting.

The book is written in various chapters, each chapter is following either Minny, Abeline or Skeeter, and sometimes they over lap.
The Skeeter story is probably the least interesting in terms of emotional depth, but it is still a very cinematic one. In fact the book could easily be made into 3 films, one for each character (but that will never happen).

Here is hoping that Viola gets signed. She has the gravitas that can totally pull this all together. It is the most heart breaking role, and one that she will nail even if they shove her into supporting.

In the mean time I will just have to get my Viola fix watching 'United States of Tara' where (so far) she is slightly wasted as a debt dodging hippy - however I think it is all a smoke screen for later depth.

Cannes Line Up

And so it begins! Bolded those to look out for!

Opening film:
Ridley Scott – ROBIN HOOD (Out of Competition)

In Competition
Mathieu Amalric – TOURNÉE
Rachid Bouchareb – HORS LA LOI
Alejandro González Iñárritu – BIUTIFUL
Mahamat-Saleh Haroun – UN HOMME QUI CRIE (A Screaming Man)
Abbas Kiarostami – COPIE CONFORME
Takeshi Kitano – OUTRAGE
Lee Chang-dong – POETRY
Doug Liman – FAIR GAME

Sergei Loznitsa – YOU. MY JOY
Daniele Luchetti – LA NOSTRA VITA
Apichatpong Weerasethakul – LOONG BOONMEE RALEUK CHAAT
Derek Cianfrance – BLUE VALENTINE
Manoel De Oliveira – O ESTRANHO CASO DE ANGÉLICA (Angelica)
Xavier Dolan – LES AMOURS IMAGINAIRES (Heartbeats)
Ivan Fund, Santiago Loza – LOS LABIOS
Fabrice Gobert – SIMON WERNER A DISPARU… (1st film)
Christoph Hochhäusler – UNTER DIR DIE STADT (The City Below)
Ágnes Kocsis – PÁL ADRIENN (Adrienn Pál)
Vikramaditya Motwane – UDAAN (1st film)
Radu Muntean – MARTI, DUPA CRACIUN (Tuesday, After Christmas)
Hideo Nakata – CHATROOM
Cristi Puiu – AURORA (Aurora)
Hong Sangsoo – HA HA HA
Oliver Schmitz – LIFE ABOVE ALL
Daniel Vega – OCTUBRE (1st film)
David Verbeek – R U THERE
Xiaoshuai Wang – RIZHAO CHONGQING (Chongqing Blues)

Out of Competition:
Stephen Frears – TAMARA DREWE

Midnight Screenings:
Gregg Araki – KABOOM
Gilles Marchand – L'AUTRE MONDE (Blackhole)

Special Screenings:
Charles Ferguson – INSIDE JOB
Patricio Guzman – NOSTALGIA DE LA LUZ (Nostalgia For The Light)
Otar Iosseliani – CHANTRAPAS
Diego Luna – ABEL (1st film)

Jackie O

So Darren Aronosfky is a friggin interesting director.
I have either loved ot greatly admired every one of his films, and they each fall into very different genres.
The fact his is taking on the story of Jackie O is kind of all sorts of exciting.

It will follow the days after the assassination of Kennedy in 1963 where she had to deal with not only the horrific circumstances of her husbands death, but al the immense public attention directed her way.

What is rather exciting is the casting. It seems he has cast his wife, Rachel Weisz in the role, and all I can say it is a wonderful fit.
Sure some people may be upset that an English actress is taking an American role, but how many Americans play foreign roles, taking chances from lesser known actors – and most of the time they do not even bother with an accent!

This sounds like it will be a very very intense and emotional piece. I for one cannot wait.

Muppets camera test.

So bizarre and wonderful:

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Work it Goldy

So my dear friend had to walk the red carpet in Leicester Square for the premier of her movie 'It's a Wonderful Afterlife'. I was there cheering her on.

There is something magical about watching a red carpet event, especially in this case where you are watching someone you know, who has worked hard her whole career and then finally gets this moment in the spotlight.

Next up she has a small role in 'Sex and the City 2' and after that, who knows what excitement awaits. As for right now I am so proud to walk around London and see her (sadly rather photoshopped) face looking back at me from the posters which are placed all around the city.

I would like to take credit for her dress (I did say months ago that anything in the turquoise, purple and emerald families would look amazing on her) but it was all her and she rocked it.

You looked beautiful honey - this is your moment - enjoy it all up!


In Bermuda we had the Agricultural Exhibition – or Ag Show as we called it – I was always excited to go into the special refrigerated rooms to look at the butter sculptures.
They were so impressive and delicious – Julia Childs would have been in heaven.

I was kind of excited to see that there is a film all about butter sculptures being made. Jim Field Smith is directing and the story revolves around Jennifer Garner as an ambitious butter-carving who tries to take over the mantle from her retiring champion husband ('Modern Family's' try-hard Dad - Ty Burrell).
But there’s the small matter of the young girl (Yara Shahidi) who is proving to be a major player in the world of dairy art, spurred on by her foster mother (Alicia Silverstone). Also in the cast are Olivia Wilde and Ashley Green. Now it seems that the one and only Hugh Jackman has signed on playing the boyfriend.
As if the cast was not intriguing enough.
I actually sometimes play pretend that Hugh Jackman is my boyfriend and we live in a huge house and BBQ every night. My real boyfriend/hubby-to-be does not really like this.

Toni 'Foster'

Oh praise be. As much as I love the Goddess Collette in ‘The United States of Tara’ she does belong on the big screen where we can all bask in the subtlety of her emotional range.

Well now she is joining writer/director Jonathan Newman in the indie drama ‘Foster’ which is about a couple who are still struggling to deal with the death of their son who passed years earlier.

Now Collette can do anything, but she is a master with grief. Any one who has seen ‘The Sixth Sense’ or ‘Japanese Story’ will know. She of course will play the mother, opposite Ioan Gruffudd (yum).

Also joining the castare Richard E. Grant, the amazing Anne Reid and (be still my heart) my childhood crush Hayley Mills.

The film starts shooting in London this week. Time for me to start stalking the neighbourhood they are filming in so I can find my Goddess.