Friday, 10 October 2008

Try ‘em, you might like ‘em

So I have been very very bad when it comes to my movie watching this summer. Sorry, but I have been focusing a lot more on music as it is the soundtrack to my life. Spent most of the summer listening to pre ‘Hard Candy’ Madonna, Macy Gray’s first album and Nelly Furtado’s second. However new music to love has kind of eluded me this summer. Until now!

I was just given Emiliana Torrini’s latest album ‘Me and Armini’. I whole heartedly recommend it to you all (Andra – This one is for you!). True she sounds like Bjork, but they are both Icelandic so the accent is where the similarity ends. She is one of those talents that should really be a lot bigger than they are. I would give a nice long review of the album, but this is something you need to discover for yourself. For me it is like sitting on a beach at dusk, watching the waves turn the sand, and letting your mind wander. Someone did a fantastic album sampler on You Tube, so check it out.

I shouldn’t love The Streets as much as I do. This is simply because I have this shallow little thing about bad teeth. It really skivs me out. But I am able to look past this every time Mike Skinner comes out with a new album. I have already sung my praises over ‘The Escapist’ which so far could actually be my song of the year. Now you must check out his album. The lead single is below and it is called “Everything is Borrowed” (like the album). Buy it!! The album tackles religion, life and death with his trade mark simple poetry. I always find the simplest things so profound.

Andra always comments when I talk about new music turned me onto this little bit of fierceness. VV Brown describes her music as “do wop indie, whilst travelling on a rocket, all the way up into the deepest part of outer space.” And did I add she is just fierce. Santogold, Janae Monroe and VV Brown so refreshing to me, black female artists not getting trapped in the current popular but uninspired R-n-B box. I hope we see a lot more of these ARTISTS, because that is what these woman are, everything about them, music, performance and image is all art. Check out her upcoming single ‘Crying Blood’ and check out her myspace page

Add to that above list there is the enormous talent on Ebony Jones. As NME put it “"EBONY BONES! Writing, producing and standing over her show-tune electro, the anti-diva's potty-mouthed Notting Hill carnivore creations
are a mish-mash of punk and party. Quite simply, her records could cause X-rated strip-show races in a dusty morgue.."
Now that is some big praise indeed. Luckily her music lives up to the praise, just check out her myspace page.
She is also courtesy of Andra who saw her at a Grace Jones concert recently and in a state of shock and awe of not only seeing one of his idols live, to then see a new obsession, he left a very breathless and I swear, tear stained, voice mail message for me.

This is why I love movies and music, they can get this amazing reaction out of me. Please check out these artists and give them a chance. They all deserve to be huge.

Thursday, 9 October 2008


Stinky Lu Lu and Nathaniel are worshippers of the female actor. And today, on my Birthday I just realised that I am as well.

Not only did I get episode 2 of Buffy season 8, but I got on DVD ‘Sex in the City: The Movie’ (you gotta have the set) ‘Juno’, ‘Waitress’ and ‘A Mighty Heart’. There is a distinct lack of cock in my DVD collection it seems. Lets just face it, a powerful female performance out does a powerful male performance every time.

I do think it is time to finally say that women are better, even if the media constantly makes you think otherwise.

I am back (ish) !

Hello y’all. Sorry for the lack of postings. I have taken some time off to try and decide if I am going to keep on blogging.

I am sad to announce that I am.

Writing a blog is a difficult thing to do, especially since it seems everyone has one. How do you make yours a unique voice? How do you stop repetition? How often do you need to post to keep up interest?

Well all these are questions I have been milling over in me head. Lately I have suffered from lazy posting syndrome. Just chucking up movie posters and trailers with little dialogue, so my new focus is basically to get my voice across. I have my strong opinions, so why not voice them more often. I have an overly critical eye, so let me share it, even if it against the grain.

Also I have been struggling with the whole movies love versus music love. Should I concentrate on one and not the other? Well no. I will continue to talk about both as this past summer the films out were not my cup of tea (I have seen nothing!!!) but the music being released excited me to no end. So expect a lot more of me talking/sharing the music I love.

Tis my Birthday today, so I will be celebrating over the next few days (when you get as old as me you need to string it out a little) but will resume normal posting soon thereafter!

To my glorious readers: Thanks for sticking with me!