Saturday, 9 February 2008

It's time to raise the curtains!

What exciting news!

Now I am not a huge fan of the Bio-Pic, but the announcement that Empire Film Group is planning on making a film based on the life of Jim Henson gives the wobblies (the good type mind you)!!

I still remember crying at the ‘In Memoriam’ section of the Oscars when he came up with Kermit the year he died. So sad.

Anyway there is apparently a screenplay by some dude called Robert D. Slane knocking about, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to get some visionary director ( ahem * Spike Jones * ahem ) to direct.

I mean this is Jim Henson, the man deserves so much more than just a straight forward Bio-Pic. Imagine having the actual Muppet cast (minus that dreadlocked guy from the later series…how awful was he!) playing various parts in their creators life.

Or better yet, how about casting actors as the Muppets and have a Muppet play Henson. I would love to cast THAT film.

My picks would be:

How about the charming and ever reliable Dan Futterman as Kermy. He could very easily show Kermits inner turmoils of juggling a relationship and an entertainment career.

My personal favourite, Janice, would have a much bigger part in the movie. She would not just be stuck in the band, and have a small role in the hospital sketch, but would utilize her stoner comedy genius. No one else could play her but Anna Faris.

Rolf was the real talent. Piano player and voice of reason. He was most loyal to Kermit and never had his chance to really shine unless he was on the piano. No one else could capture his frustration at not being the star he should have been but Forrest Whitaker.

Ahh Piggy. There was always so much more to Piggy than a jealous diva. After "Romance and Cigarettes" I have no doubt in my mind that Kate Winslet would have a ball letting loose with her.

Since he loves to show off on screen and play just about every type of character he can, Phillip Seymour Hoffman could really chew the scenery as The Swedish Chef. BORK BORK BORK!

Lastly, the one who makes me laugh the most. Beaker was always getting blown up and tortured on the show, so you need someone who can do slapstick and perhaps get across the angst of being the fall guy. Zach Braf would be perfect (also the resemblance is uncanny)

Come on! Who would you cast? We have Fozzie, Scooter, Gonzo, Sweetums, Sam the Eagle (David Strathairn), Satler and Wardorf, Animal, Dr. Teeth, Sgt. Floyd Pepper, Zoot, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Lew Zealand, Camilla (Oh if Liz Taylor were acting).

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Lessons should be learned

All those news papers, tabloids, celeb rumor sites, those bitchy gossips who have nothing better to do and a lot of my fellow bloggers should now learn a valuable lesson. Never ever speculate about something so deeply private.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Lets visit the trailer park!

I love trailers.

Trailer 1 is the return of Liam Neeson in "Taken". I do like this man so much, and this looks pretty damn exciting. Just a shame the wonderful Famke Janssen may have to play suffering wife/ex wife when we all know she could be so much more.

Next is "The Happening" by that poor M. Night Shyamalan who seems to be suffering from that rare 'getting worse' syndrome. I have to say the man can cut a bloody effective trailer. It has attracted Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel though so I will hold out a little hope (unless is it totally a pay cheque film)

Morgan Spurlock is sure to get ALOT of attention with "WHERE IN THE WORLD IS OSAMA BIN LADEN?" his brand new documentary.......I...I......I'll just let it speak for it's self.

Finally we have the ever charming Michael Caine in "Flawless". He looks totally at ease in this cute little crime caper. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Demi Moore. Her accent is all over the place, even in the trailer. Poor poor dear......then again she could *snigger* surprise us all and deliver and fun sexy and feisty performance. Gotta run, Babe just became airborne.

In the valley of boredom wishing there would be blood.

So…why am I still a little BLAH about this years Oscar race? Well the exciting categories for upsets are usually the main 6 (Picture, Director, and the Acting categories) followed closely by screenplay and foreign film. These seem kind of locked right now…..well they more or less are sure things so that leaves the editing and score nail biters?


I want big upsets (not the “Crash” sort mind you) and this year is not shaping up to be that at all. And that is so sad! I want shocks and gasps on Oscar night…………not this year. Actually most of the categories seem pretty predictable. One can always hope for an “Atonement” surge, or Ruby Dee to pull forward, or perhaps a Laura Linney upset. Anything would be good.

But most probably I will be sitting there marking off my ballot sheet, yawning and wishing for the days of upsets.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Oh No...what happened to...MY SOUFFLE!!!??!!

This questions and other like "Why does Jessica Alba still work?" will hopefully be answered this week with the release of "The Eye"

You can't stop what's coming....

...and after its PGA win, that will be the Coen Brothers latest gathering a heap o' Oscars.