Wednesday, 10 February 2010

2010 Actresses

Last year there was a little film that some bloggers were hoping would see the return of Emily Watson to the Oscar stage, since Watson has been rather quiet of late. The film 'Within the Whirlwind' never saw a release last year of course making her ineligible for Awards consideration.

Well it has now been seen, and despite the rather twee title, Variety confirms our suspicions. Watson is terrific:
"If Gorris never quite liberates her narrative from its biopic-driven adherence to a single, heroic p.o.v., Emily Watson's stunning, all-consuming perf sweeps all before it in a virtuoso interpretation of courage under fire."
As we saw with Tilda swinton in 'Julia' rave reviews do not mean awards attention, however given the subject matter and Watsons character (victim surviving against the odds) could see more attention that Switons self destructive boozer did.