Thursday, 6 March 2008

The New Madonna

So I am not going to link to the leaked new Madonna track "4 minutes to save the World", but I am sure you resourceful people out there can find it some (cough * u tube * cough) how.

What does it sound like...well to these overly critical ears it sounds like our dear Madonna has 4 minutes to get back to the drawing board. It is not terrible, but it is even worse, it is BLAND. What you get is a frantic heavy Timberland/lake beat and lyrics you cannot even make out.

Sure some of it is catchy and it does sound (current) radio friendly, but it is one of those tracks that will die its death quickly and be forgotten. A fate no Madonna song should come to.

As first singles go this is a let down. There is not the wow factor of "Like a Prayer", or the dirty newness of "Erotica". This is no "Frozen" or "Music". This isn't even "American Life". This is B-side fodder.

Then again once it is etched in my mind I may love it, but for now I say SHAME!!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Hibernation Time

I just bought myself a Wii.

Will be back to blogging once the tennis elbow sets in.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Music Mondays

Just when you think the British music cannot get any better, along comes Duffy. With her 60’s soul inspired sound she has hit the UK charts like a storm. Have not had a chance to listen to her album as of yet, but here is hoping the first single “Mercy” is not a fluke!