Sunday, 14 March 2010

Best Original Screenplay

And the most original are:

Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber
For taking a tried old genre (the rom com) and breathing brand new life into it by not going for the easy happy endings.

Quentin Taranti
There was no one writer more deserving of Oscar attention this year than Quentin. In fact there are not many more creative writers of film who can hold a candle to this man.

Adam Elliot
Animation seems to be where you are able to truly soar in creative writing. This story was told with such wit and emotion you end up staring at the screen thinking you've just witnessed a miracle.

Duncan Jones and Nathan Parker
A very very simple premise that would go terribly wrong had it not been for a tight and focused screenplay. Sci-fi writers have a hard time keeping it real. This is uncomfortably real.

Pete Doctor, Bob Peterson, Thomas McCarthy.
Those first 10 minute alone warrant them being here, but then making us continue to care, weep and laugh for the remaining 86 minutes is a miracle in story telling.

Michael Haneke
Every single word and action has such meaning. Michael Haneke has created such a mesmerizing and complex metaphor for humanities evil that you may feel shell shocked for a few days.


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