Monday, 30 July 2007

Star Wattage in spades

There is something about her that makes me sit up and notice, makes me want her (as a gay man that is a HUGE achievement). Perhaps it is just her striking looks, and ample sex appeal. I am not sure, but what I do know is I constantly root for this woman. I want her to succeed as an actress.
Behind the exotic beauty there lies a very sharp and intelligent thespian.
Every role she has played, even over the top ones, has been thought out. She knows when to hold back and when to go for it with gun a-blazing.

I am of course talking about Rosario Dawson.

I first noticed her in her 1995 debut “Kids”, and she stood out from many of the other cast members with her natural way in front of the camera.
Her resume reads like a series of near misses, what were you thinkings and nearly theres in terms of the quality of the film. Performance wise she usually transcends the crap, and compliments the successes.

Her upcoming films are a little sparse what with the upcoming “Poor Things” in limbo due to Lindsay “Selfish Bitch” Lohan being arrested. (I understand there are a lot of pressures being a child star in the spotlight, but so many other actors are able to adjust. Not only have you messed up production on a film that people were excited about, but you are also uninsurable in Hollywood. Uninsurable = No Career you stupid cow)

Back to Dawson.
One film that could get her the major attention she deserves is “Descent”. She plays college co-ed who is brutally raped, and tries to rebuild her life, and exact revenge.
Sounds a little ‘been-there-done-that’ but if advance reviews are anything to go by, she carries the movie completely.
I am not saying this is Oscar worthy yet, but it could be something along the lines of “Sherry Baby” which got it’s star major notice, and a lot more work. She has the looks, but far more importantly she has the talent. Perhaps it is those looks that hold her back in the casting process, who knows.
This film interests me greatly, but until it is released and we have a better idea I won't put my eggs in her basket yet. Here is the trailer.

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