Sunday, 7 October 2007

Everyone loves George.

Clooney that is…not Bush.

The man is Hollywood royalty, a sex symbol, a very capable actor and a humanitarian. Yes…I too really like George Clooney, not love yet, but that could all change.
I am planning on finally seeing “Michael Clayton” this week. I was putting it off because I honestly thought it would not make much of a mark on the Awards race and I could wait for it on DVD and watch in the comfort of my own living room.
But this is no longer the case. I will have to take my George like to the big screen and test out my theories of love.

Why no love yet you ask? Well this is because I have yet to be really impressed by his acting. He has yet to have that sit-up-and-take-notice affect on me. Sure he is pretty to look at, but I am still waiting for the pretty boy to show me more (can also say the same for Brad Pitt).

However, as he becomes more and more involved with humanitarian causes, my like swells up. Also he has been able to keep his personal life out of the tabloids which I greatly admire, very old school Hollywood of him.
I guess he knows that staying out of the spot light with your personal life is the only way to survive in Hollywood. Something the younger generation should take notes on.

Anywho…George will officially move up from number 15 to number 6 on my predictions


Rural Juror said...

I also am not a big fan of Clooney....but am eagerly awaiting Michael Clayton. It looks fantastic.

Hostess Cookies said...

The film is fantastic, but I am, like you still not convinced he is anything mre than a charasmatic actor.