Sunday, 8 March 2009

Oscar says that most people speak rubbish

Well you voted in the ten of five for this award. The 1993 Best Supporting Actress as voted by you would end up going to:

Drum roll please....

In tied 4th place we have Holly Hunter for 'The Firm' and Winona Ryder for 'The Age of Innocence' with 9%.

In 3rd place we find Emma Thompson for 'In the Name of the Father' with 13%

In 2nd place we have Rosie Perez for 'Fearless' with 17% (she should have gotten more votes)

And in first place with 52% is Anna Paquin for 'The Piano'

Now Oscar is not scared to give young girls awards, especially over young boys, so this was not that big of a shock when it happened, although people still think it was.

She definitely got my vote (with Rosie a very close second),and I am hardly ever that impressed with child performances. What she did was not try and act older than she was. She acted like a selfish and silly little girl who does not understand what is happening around her.

And if you didn't think she deserved it by the performance....the footage of her winning the Oscar should have made up your mind. She was adorable!

Now for the next year - 1994

Who should have won the Oscar for Lead Actress in 1994 (remember - judge on performance alone)?

Jodie Foster - 'Nell'
Jessica Lange - 'Blue Sky'
Miranda Richardson - 'Tom & Viv'
Winona Ryder - 'Little Women'
Susan Sarandon - 'The Client'

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Jose said...

OMG what an awful year for the category.
I'll go with Foster, but practically by default.