Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Four things Toronto is teaching me.

1 - 'Precious' is still a force to be reckoned with. The applause was even more rabid (according to various sources) at both the press and audience screening. Things are indeed looking very good for the movie.

2 - Never ever count out Robert DuVall and Sissy Spacek (EVER) who are getting very good notices (as is the film) for 'Get Low'. Could it be a late contender.

3 - Surprises keep coming every day.

'Solitary Man' sees Michael Douglas at the best he has been in years and also features 'sit up and notice' performances from Imogen Poots as well as Danny Devito, Susan Sarandon and Olivia Thurlby. How will this translate for end of year Kudos?
"Douglas tosses off every self-serving pronouncement and phony promise with silver-tongued relish without chewing the scenery, in a characterization that fits neatly into the actor's gallery of oily corporate rogues ("Wall Street," "Disclosure") even as it serves as something of an implicit rebuke. Although Douglas appears in every scene, he never overpowers his co-stars, and the script, gratifyingly, doesn't let him monopolize the good lines.
British actress Poots ("28 Weeks Later"), who resembles both Kate Winslet and Scarlett Johansson, is a knockout in every sense, and reps Douglas' most satisfying opponent here, with sterling pros DeVito and Sarandon running a close second. Fischer and Eisenberg movingly embody younger types who, because they see Ben as a father figure, are more susceptible to emotional wounds. Olivia Thirlby shines in a late-breaking role as Cheston's g.f."
Prospects look good.

4- I appear to be right thinking that Clive Owen will be a contender (yet another strong year for actors) as 'The Boys Are Back is getting very very good notices, especially for Owen.

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