Sunday, 13 December 2009

Calm before the storm.

I have been taking a much needed breather. To be honest reading some of the articles online (Jeff Wells, Awards Daily commentators) have really put me in a funk.
I mean there is so much hate out there it is disheartening.
I am especially talking about the hate against 'Precious' and especially Mo'Nique. This slow burning back lash has more to racism than it does with the merits of the film. It has more to do with people thinking this one story represents the whole of black society that is has to do with this one story. It has everything to do with ignorance.
If we don't like it, burn it to the ground.

Fact: there are people out there who LOVE the film. I think it is the best film I have seen in some time, but I also do not believe it will come with Oscars. Hardly any film I love comes with Oscars. I am, at this point, but even convinced it will come with nominations.

When Mo'Nique asks why should she campaign it is a legitimate questions. The work IS up there to be judged. If you have to campaign to get the Academy to see the film then all that proves is the Academy is not taking their job seriously. They should be seeing every film and making a judgement.
However this is not how it works, and props to Mo'Nique for not wanting to rim the Academy's a**holes to get an award. Sure it will cost her and Oscar, but her pride will be intact.

From no on I am not going to slag any of the other contenders off like I usually do, because some one out there who reads this little space in cyber town may get offended. I will not be like some of those commentators on Awards Daily (Hunter, bambi, even Ryan Adams) who seem to take such joy in insulting someone's hard work. I will try and be more like Nat over at the film experience.

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Jose said...

She's still winning the Oscar, so breathe.