Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Mini reviews - guns and ammo


This was an enjoyable little romp, although nothing earth shattering and it still did not rise to the heights of 'Shaun of the Dead'.
There seemed to be a funnier film in there somewhere, that never really materialised.
Woody Harrelson gave an oddly moving performance (he kind of broke my heart) for a film advertised as a comedy.
I guess tragedy and comedy do go hand in hand.
Other than that it didn't offend me, nor did it rock my world, but it was a solid effort in the zombie/comedy genre and better that 90% of the films that get released today.

Grade - B-

'Inglourious Basterds'

Wow. Not what I was expecting. Sure it had its' definite Tarantino signature, but it totally blew me away in the way he held back with the scenes he needed to let build (The horror educing opening, the brilliant tavern scene, the strudel).
There has been some complaints about the finger in the face of historical accuracy, but this is a fantasy film, and oh what a fantasy it would have been. I mean every person who has read in disgust the horrors faced by the Jewish people at the hands of the Nazis have wished they could go back in time and do something, and the 'Inglourious Basterds' do the next best thing. A revenge fantasy where the viewer cannot wait for the revenge to be acted out.
This is one of the best directed films of the year, and offers two fantastic supporting performances. Christopher Waltz was brilliant as the politely evil Col. Hans Landa and Mélanie Laurent played Soshanna brilliantly. Just watch her during the strudel scene and try not to be mesmerised by her complex and heart breaking performance.
A brilliant film (should also mention Diane Kruger who was also extremely good)

Grade - A-

'Public Enemies'

The film is beautiful to look at, the attention to period detail is magnificent.
Johnny Depp was reliably good as Dillinger and Marion Cotillard was wonderful as Billie Frechette (although the role was written with a definite lack of meat and juice).
Billy Crudup was very convincing as J. Edgar Hoover, but my word, when did Christian Bale get so boring as an actor? He put me to sleep (in all fairness so did the film).
Michael Man directed the film with a total lack of electricity. The tommy gun battles were dull, they lacked any excitement.
The only thing keeping me awake was playing spot the bit player.
LOOK - Carey Mulligan. LOOK - Leelee Sobieski. LOOK - Lili Taylor. LOOK - Diana Krall. LOOK - Giovanni Ribisi, LOOK - Emilie de Ravin. LOOK - David Wenham.
All in all a bit of a zzzzzzzzzzzz

Grade - C

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