Sunday, 31 January 2010

Hollywood Murderer?

I just picked up my latest issue of Empire Magazine which I eagerly wait for every month. I flicked through it, reading the reviews and articles when I came across the article 'Touch of Evil?' written by Simon Braund.

Basically it looks at the little investigation made by Mary Pacios a childhood friend of Elizabeth Short who would later come to notoriety as The Black Dahlia. Pacios wrote a book looking at how one of the greatest actor/directors of all time may have been the murderer of Short. Could Orson Welles have done it?

Probably not, but the story is so captivating that my little mind went racing. If you get a chance to read the article, or the book, please do so. It may be fiction or it may be on to something, but what it is or isn't does not matter - in the end it is completely fascinating.

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