Friday, 15 January 2010

Mini Reviews - 'Julia'


Messy and over long, and at some points verging on the ridiculous, but all anchored by an incredible central performance from Tilda Swinton. She’s 40, is an alcoholic. She is a manipulative, unreliable, compulsive liar, yet still flamboyant and sexy, even if she looks like she may smell.
She gets caught up in a stupid kidnap plot that she should buy into, but that is the beauty of the performance. She convinces you that she is convinced it is all legit, basically the brilliant Tilda Swinton convinces you she is dumb.

Despite the thriller style twist turning plot involving gangs, ransoms, and the drama of a none to bright woman trying to stay ahead of the game, it still plays as a character study in which by the frustrating last frames, you see the glimmer of the human being she could become.

It is a shame then that every other player in the film is either saint or sinner. Perhaps that is all Julia is capable of seeing.

Grade - B-

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