Thursday, 4 March 2010

'Precious' at home

Out on DVD in the US today! Yippeeeee!

Not only do you get Lee Daniels harrowing and stirring triumph of a film, but you get some wonderful extras including Gabourey Sidibe's awesome audition, and some other extras.

Buy it today.

Also, for those of you who are hotly anticipating Daniels next project 'Selma' which is based on the US civil rights march in 1965, there is casting news. Not Robert DeNiro was circling the project (perhaps to play president Lyndon B. Johnson or Alabama Governor George "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever" Wallace) but the only official casting new is that Hugh Jackman has joined the project - no matter what IMDB says.

Now the only role I can see him playing is that of George Wallace (evil, racist = Oscar bait) or civil rights campaigner and Unitarian Universal minister from Boston, James Reeb who was beaten to death while marching (saintly martyr = Oscar bait).

The roles of Johnson (DeNiro would be a good fit physically), Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (please say no to Jamie Foxx and yes to Jeffrey Wright - he was born in 1965 so it is fitting), Coretta Scott King (Viola Davis (born same year) or Regina King please!) are yet to be cast.

Anticipating this one very much!


J.D. said...

It comes out Tuesday!

Jose said...

Easiest call for "perfect birthday gift for Michael" but you probably pre-ordered it after you left the theater the first time.

Michael Parsons said...

Jose - your lack of willingness to nominate Momo and Gabby in your awards is baffling. I know you disliked the movie, but you cannot deny the performances.

And a double nomination for Cruz! Now I love the woman, but she is technically supporting in 'Los Abrazos Rotos'. For shame.

(love you really)

Michael said...

The DVD cover is great.

Much better than Up In The Air's...

And if you see Precious and don't realize that Gabby or Mo'Nique were great..I just have to agree with Parsons here.