Friday, 2 July 2010

Gay Twilight and ‘Stoker’

Add an ‘r’ and that title could be so rude, considering what I am about to talk about.

So this weekend is gay pride in London, in which I will be marching of course, but it is also the weekend that ‘Twlight Saga: Eclipse’ goes wide, so there will be many many teenage girls, cradle snatching mums, and gay men of all ages flocking to the theatre to watch Taybert in all his glory (I predict £200 million for the weekend)

As for me, I will give it a miss and perhaps catch the DVD release. I like my vampires darker and sexier. Give me ‘True Blood’ any day (too many hot new cast members – it is like watching porn)

Whatever the out come of the weekend, one thing is sure, I am more excited about the return to the screen of The FOSTER.

Yes it seems that Jodie Foster may be starring with Carey Mulligan in the Wentworth Miller written film ‘Stoker’ (see the gay pride and vampire mentions does not seem so out of place now eh?)

The story is about an eccentric teenager and the estranged uncle who returns to the family after her father's death. There is the still the pivotal role of the uncle still to be decided, and this will have weight on whether Foster signs on.

However it would be nice to see her in a supporting role again, especially with Mulligan. I wonder how long Mulligan is going to be cast as a teenager for? Right now she is THE it girl appearing so many prestige films it is ridiculous.

However me thinks her title is seriously up for grabs with Mia Wasikowska and Jessica Chastain battling it out.

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