Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Toronto Factor.

There are so many women up for contention for Best Actress this year, in films that have already been seen. I mean take a look at the list so far:

Annette Bening - 'The Kids Are All Right'
Julianne Moore - 'The Kids Are All Right
Jennifer Lawrence -' Winter's Bone'
Michelle Williams - 'Blue Valentine'
Naomi Watts - 'Fair Game'
Lesley Manville - 'Another Year'
Natalie Portman - 'Black Swan'
Juia Roberts - 'Eat, Pray, Love'
Tilda Swinton - 'I am Love'
Rinko Kikuchi - 'Norwegian Wood'
Noomi Rapace - 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'

And for Supporting:

Lesley Manville - 'Another Year' (could change to lead)
Ruth Sheen - 'Another Year'
Barbara Hershey - 'Black Swan'
Mila Kunis - 'Black Swan'
Jackie Weaver - 'Animal Kingdom'
Marion Cotillard - 'Inception'
Kristen Scott Thomas - 'Nowhere Boy'
Anne Marie Duff - 'Nowhere Boy'
Sissy Spacek - 'Get Low'

Now with Toronto on the horizon, there is a giant pool of possible contenders. This is cause for celebration as in most years, around this time there are only 7 or 8 real contenders for consideration in any one year.

Let's take a look at the women who could, with a good enough performance, could find themselves firmly in the mix for this years awards.


Maria Bello - 'Beautiful Boy'
Uma Thurman - 'Ceremony'
Robin Wright - 'The Conspirator '
Hilary Swank - 'Conviction'
Kat Dennings - 'Daydream Nation'
Keira Knightley - 'Last Night'
Wei Tang - 'Late Autumn'
Chloe Moretz - 'Let Me In'
Marion Cotillard - 'Little White Lies'
AnaMaria Marinca - 'Look, Stranger'
Kristen Scott Thomas - 'Love Crime'
Sally Hawkins - 'Made In Dagenham'
Carey Mulligan - 'Never Let Me Go'
Catherine Deneuve - 'Potiche'
Nicole Kidman - 'Rabbit Hole'
Liana Liberato - 'Trust'
Jennifer Connelly - 'What's Wrong With Virginia'
Rachel Weisz - 'The Whistleblower'

Have you say!


Minnie Driver - 'Barney's Version'
Rosamund Pike - 'Barney's Version'
Andrea Riseborough - 'Brighton Rock'
Helen Mirren - 'Brighton Rock'
Evan Rachel Wood - 'The Conspirator '
Minnie Driver - 'Conviction'
Melissa Leo - 'Conviction'
Juliette Lewis - 'Conviction'
Andie MacDowell - 'Daydream Nation'
Helen Mirren - 'Debt'
Cecile de France - 'Hereafter'
Ludivine Sagnier - 'Love Crime'
Hiam Abbass - 'Miral' (could be lead)
Frido Pinto - 'Miral' (could be lead)
Yasmine Elmasri - 'Miral'
Keira Knightley - 'Never Let Me Go'
Sally Hawkins - 'Never Let Me Go'
Charlotte Rampling - 'Never Let Me Go'
Megan Fox - 'Passion Play'
Lesley Ann Warren - 'Peep World'
Diane Wiest - 'Rabbit Hole'
Elle Fanning - 'Somewhere'
Rebecca Hall - 'The Town'
Viola Davis - 'Trust'
Catherine Keener - 'Trust'
Emma Roberts - 'What's Wrong With Virginia'

Have your say!

Sure, most of these will not get the reviews needed, or buzz. A lot of them are very unlikely (Fox, Moretz, MacDowell), however with enough hype and buzz and passion there could be many women coming out of TIFF with a big smile on their face. If a handful make it through to be formidable contenders, then we will have an extremely exciting race for actresses.

And this does not include the films that are not showing at the festival. 'Love and Other Drugs', 'Tree of Life', 'The way Back', 'Rum Diary', 'The Tourist', 'The Tempest', 'All Good Things' and 'Secretariat'.

Such an exciting year for the ladies!

Who do you think will make the cut by year end? Also please let me know if there is anyone I should be adding to the list?


Jose said...

Ugh I'd love for Noomi Rapace to get some more Best Actress traction, she was just so good in her movie and call me conservative and reactionary but I don't think Rooney will improve on her performance.
I have not seen one of those movies you mention though, damn release times!

Michael Parsons said...

I have added her of course. Thanks for reminding me.

I have seen NOTHING!!! I am not in the mood for movies at the moment.