Saturday, 9 October 2010

Mini Review - 'The Wolfman'

I liken this movie to watching a dog in a blackout chewing a plank of wood.

Aside from the set design - which is in itself far too gothic to be real - there is nothing in this film that makes you want to lavish any sort of praise. Anthony Hopkins leaves no scenery unchewed, Benicio del Toro is so brooding he is bore, and Emily Blunt is not believable to a damsel in distress or as a love interest.
Blood and gore does not make up for suspense and general fear.

Sad, because this could have been a really great film with a new cast, director and screenplay.
When you can honestly say that the best thing about the film was the poster designs, then you know you are in trouble. Which is sad as I really wanted to like this. Boo

Grade D-

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