Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Mini Review number 8 - Blood Diamond

Instead of writing a typical review (which I am still coming to grips with) I want to talk about a few important things that I learned from watching Blood Diamond, that going into the movie I had no idea about. This was such an amazing educational experience for me that I am, in fact, still trying to absorb it all. I really did not expect to be made so aware of so many things from one movie. I will try and do this without too many spoilers so you can all get the same experience I did. So without any more chatter:

1) Djimon Housou and Leonardo are actually, despite other bloggers opinions, quite good in the very few acting scenes they get.

2) Acting and running at the same time is hard.

3) They give oscars for best running, in Leo's case, running with an accent, those crazy Academy members love an accent.

4) White people have the amazing ability to repell bullets fired by black African rebel soldiers. (Other soldiers…different story)

5) Jennifer Connley looks rather lovely when her hair is layered, or as Dean calls her, Jennifer Eyebrows.

6) Child soldiers are bad, unless there is a nice poppy song playing in the soundtrack, then they are cool. More guns for kids please!!

7) My lovely boyfriend seems to have liked this movie……I didn’t know he was that obsessed with Leo.

8) Living in Africa gets you a really nice abs and pecs, but you might get killed

9) You can buy guns in bars. “Can I have strawberry daiquiri and a AK-47 please Sammy?”

10) Tony Blair is a Diamond Smuggler!!!!

11) Diamonds really are not worth it all you shallow ass bitches. Make mine a cubic zirconium!!!

Grade C


feenixboi said...

yes i did really like blood diamond. I was expecting to hate it. yes leo is still dishy. I would. But acting wise this movie did a great job. Props to Leo. Djimon was great too. Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh (spade scene) lol

Michael Parsons said...

Awe, you do get all special needs when Leo is sans shirt don't yay puddin pop?

Anonymous said...

Ok boys, this was a powerful movie as it did not hold back on the truth. It was not supposed to be an acting sensation. However, the acting was worth mentioning as it was good considering it was an action movie. The flare of Djimon nostrils to show defiance. The glassy eyed stare of Kagiso while shooting villagers. I agree it is now quite Hotel Rwanda standard but a worthwhile movie and I will totally be pushing for a man made diamond!

Michael Parsons said...

Cubic Zirconium Rachel!!! I will even have to post to Simon!

Dean Powell said...

Jennifer Connelly ... and the oscar for best supporting eyebrows goes to ... !