Tuesday, 14 August 2007

"Dan in Real Life" trailer

Steve Carrell is unlike most male comedians in the simple fact that he does not annoy me.
Yep it is true, every one else annoys the living shit out of me at some point. Perhaps it is the fact that like so many great actors he can find the humor in drama and visa versa. He was heart breaking and hysterical in "Little Miss Sunshine" (should have been nommed!!) and he does seem to pick roles that allow him to stretch in all directions ("Evan Almighty's" aside...can we say all together now...PAYCHECK!!).

I am not sure if his new film will be any good, but I am pretty sure he will be. A Globe comedy nom is most likely.

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Woodstock said...

he's a marvel. i love him ever since the 40-year-old virgin and he's my fave male comedian out there. he so deserved that nod for LMS but i'm sure he'll soon get his.
binoche seems perfect in this movie too... hope it's as good as the trailer seems.