Saturday, 11 August 2007

My room does not have a view of an Oscar

Long time since I updated my poll and the results are here from my fourth poll.
I asked who you felt deserved the Best Actress Oscar back in 1986. The results were surprising!! Very surprising!
I was expecting the eventual Oscar winner to be victorious, but hindsight has made people see another in a far more flattering light.
These polls I do really do open up my eyes.
Wouldn’t it be great to have a awards ceremony where movie fans and bloggers were able to correct the Academy’s mistakes?

So in descending order:

5) With 0% of the votes we have Tess Harper - Crimes of the Heart

4) With 0% of the votes we have Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - The Color of Money

3) With 6% of the votes we have Piper Laurie - Children of a Lesser God

2) With 37% of the votes we have Dianne Wiest - Hannah and Her Sisters

1) With a whopping 57% we have Maggie Smith - A Room with a View.

What more can I say really. It is Maggie Smith.
The actual real reason for my silence is the HORRIBLE fact that I have yet to see this film, and it is not available to rent here in the UK. For shame of me. I was all ready for a Diane Wiest review.

Can anyone out there right a review of this performance to justify it winning my poll??? Be my guest blogger!!
So far you will have to make do with Jose's review here

Well let us move onto Best Actress 1987. Tough year as we have some CLASSIC performances. The ladies you have to choose from are:
Cher in Moonstruck as Loretta Castorini
Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction as Alex Forrest
Holly Hunter in Broadcast News as Jane Craig
Sally Kirkland in Anna as Anna
Meryl Streep in Ironweed as Helen Archer


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Jose said...

Maggie is completely flawless. I think in fact she won the BAFTA for lead actress that year.
I wrote a review for the film a couple years ago if you wanna take a peek