Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Reservation Road trailer!!

Well here we have another Joaquin Phoenix movie. But this time with a whole pile of new co-stars including Oscar winners (don’t you just love how this title in front of actors names tends to only appear in trailers for movies with a fix on the golden guy) Mira Sorvino and Jennifer Connelly, and Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix.
What is most exciting is that this looks like the film that will finally get Mark Ruffalo the awards notice he has deserved for a long time now.

Also Terry George has already found favor with the Academy, so expect this to do well, especially if the critical reaction is as strong as I imagine it will be.

The film is a drama that revolves around two fathers whose families and lives tragically converge with the death of a child. In the aftermath, Ethan and Dwight each react in unexpected ways as their families struggle to cope and an emotional reckoning looms.

Judging by the trailer (never a good thing to judge by) this looks like the type of heart breaking story that the Academy will eat up. Two lost men and two long suffering wives, and the death of a child. What surprised me was the restraint in the trailer.
This looks a lot more like a character study than an emotional awards baiting roller coaster, and that suits me just fine. It will give the talented actors a chance to get under your skin.

Here is hoping this is a return to form for Connelly who has not impressed me since her raw performance in “Requiem for a Dream”. We also get to see if talent runs in the family as Elle Fanning attempts to sh*t all over her sisters legacy ( I love a rivalry, even a made up one)

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Jose said...

Reservation Road looks like "Little children in the bedroom in the house of sand and fog".
While The Kite Runner looks like something the Academy will be drooling over, I just don't know if that's good or bad.