Friday, 4 September 2009

New face in the race?

Well old face really, but since she just missed out on a nomination last year for ‘I’ve Loved You So Long’ could we see Kristen Scott Thomas back this year on the campaign trail for her well received portrayal of a well to do woman in France having a hot and steamy affair?

‘Partir’ aka ‘Leaving’ has opened to good reviews especially for Scott Thomas’

Never say never, a shake up in the race is always welcome. Sure this will probably not happen, but don’t we always hope for some out of the blue contender to come and whack all our predictions on our head.
Sure it hardly happens, but don’t you just love those last minute surprises where on nomination morning you go “Ooohhh” with a mixture of delight and annoyance?

When was the last tie I happened?

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