Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Trailer Park Actresses.

It is amazing how a story can win you an Oscar. Dear ole Hillary ‘I can eat an apple through a letter box” Swank pedalled that “I grew up in a trailer” story around every talk show during campaign season and ended up with that Golden Boy for 'Million Dollar Baby' over some very very deserving contenders.

Why do I mention this yet again? Well simply because I was noticing how all the major actress contenders have trailers out for their films, including Swank.
So we can all take a nice little sneak peak at their performances.

Obviously the most impressive is that of Carey Mulligan in ‘An Education’. She looks like she is going to be an awards darling this year. The people who have seen her in the film all agree she is sensational, and the Academy like a nice young ‘pretty’ break-out ingénue.

This leaves another break out star who has garnered awards worthy praise fighting for one of the five slots.
Gabourey Sibide is singled out in every review for ‘Precious’ I have read (and trust me, I am so obsessed with the film I have read them all) yet how will the Academy respond not only to the film but also to Gabourey. Black actresses have a hard enough time breaking into the five nominee slots, and when they do they are usually slim pretty things.
Can ‘Precious’ do for Gabby what ‘The Color Purple’ did for Whoopie?
She is not who people imagine arriving on the red carpet, but I am keeping my fingers firmly crossed that we see her walking that long red as a Best Actress nominee and a real threat.

Abbie Cornish also impresses in the trailer for ‘Bright Star’.
She has long been on the cusp on breaking out and now she is being directed by Jane Campion who is wonderful with actresses. The reviews are also there.

Meryl at this point is a default nominee. However people actually think she is deserving for ‘Julie & Julia’, but will she go lead or supporting? I am thinking lead as they smartly did for ‘The Devil Wears Prada’.
But what about ‘It’s Complicated’? Can Meryl really fight against herself for a slot with two comedies?

Oscar loves a surprise attack, and that could easily come from Michelle Monaghan for ‘Trucker’.
Early word is she carries this little indie on her shoulders. I do not know what the surprise is though, she impressed me to no end as Sherry in ‘North Country’.

Finally we end where we began. The Swank is vying for that 3rd nomination and win with ‘Amelia’. Can she do it? Will they really give her a third lead Oscar before they even give Meryl a second?

I shudder at the thought (actually, to overly share, I do a little mini vomit in my mouth).

Who will surprise? Who is left to sneak in at take a big ole bite out of the race? Is Penélope Cruz’s chances slipping away? Will Audrey Tatou make it? Will the Academy over look the critics and invite Michelle Pfeiffer back? Helen Mirren has two potential films coming out, but when? And lastly, can someone please tell me what the bloody bollocky bollocks is still going on with ‘Margaret’ staring Anna Paquin?? This film needs to get finished.

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mB said...

Oh my god, I'll be doing a little bit more than vomiting in my mouth if The Swank (great nick) gets in again. Since Annete Benning is not in contention I'm going to assume Swank won't win ;)

As for other names to throw in: Ronan or Weisz for Lovely Bones (though I'm guessing they'll all go supporting?), or one of the ladies from Nine (though who would go lead there?)... maybe they'll remember Tilda Swinton for Julia?