Wednesday, 30 September 2009


I am sh*t scared to see this movie. I do not do well with gore and blood. I am ok if it is a slasher movie, but this is cerebral.
I am not sure my poor fragile little mind can take it.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I read that it's actually not that bloody or gory but that they're playing up the horror aspect to generate buzz. Which is actually making me not want to see it, but apparently it worked in Europe cause lots of people went to see it.

seanisbored said...

I saw it a few weeks ago. There are scenes of gore (a few cringey shots and one horrific shot) but there are not the difficult part of this movie. The claustrophia, the building distrust, emotional violence and nature as an enemy (Von Trier wrapped in a nice little package methinks).

See it for the opening scene at least which (hyberbole-aside) has some of the most beautiful and striking images ever captured on screen