Friday, 2 October 2009


My delicious and handsome blank (I am nearly 34…I cannot say boy friend anymore) has booked me tickets to see ‘Precious’ at the London Film Festival.

I am elated beyond belief. He knows I am dying to see this film, but it is not like I have talked about it THAT much.

So I skipped on over to the BFI site to see what else was showing. Basically all the big Oscar contenders.

Then I noticed something horrific. All films like ‘A Serious Man’, ‘A Single Man’, ‘Up in the Air’ and ‘An Education’ are all ‘FULLY BOOKED’. SO I went over to the critics darling, Sundance triple winner and Toronto winner and saw this:

Do the British not want to see it?
Why on earth not?
I thought they would be throwing on their freshly hunted fox fur, jumping into their Bently’s and bombing down Bond Street to get to the nearest cinema to see the film about a 16 year old black, poor and obese illiterate girl pregnant for the second time by her father.
Do they not want to know about black people unless they wining sports, getting elected for president or singing ‘Old Man River’?

Even my bibles, Empire and Total Film have no mention of the film. Sure, beyond the film festival, it does not have a UK release date, but scheesh, report on it. I really do not want to read yet another piece on ‘Avatar’.

Am I the only ‘white’ person in the UK who is dying to see this movie?

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