Monday, 5 October 2009

Getting my calendar ready

20 days until I see ‘Precious’

Surprise you it may not, but it is raining today in London.
Considering we have had a pretty long spell of rather sunny warm weather, this is the first proper sign that winter is indeed upon us.
Aside from the few panics I have had of late, finding a cat sitter for when I go home over Christmas, it is a rather exciting time – winters come, and I forgot my mittens.

Firstly, we have said holiday which just brings out the very best in me. I love the holiday. Spending time with friends, cooking, baking, listening to Christmas songs (the B.F. is not a fan of the season……I am determined to make the Grinch’s heart break the heart measuring machine).

Then you have the fun and frolics of New Years.

However this is the season of the Oscar film. Suddenly the cinemas will be filled with high brow films for adults (as well as a few silly holiday family films) and we will all have a clearer picture of how the awards race will shape up (although here in the UK opening times are so f*cked up – sure BAFTA members get their screeners, but the public usually have to wait until February)
We also have the top ten lists for the year, and the various critic awards will announce, hopefully throwing in some names that were thought of down for the count to shake up the race.

Here are some dates to look forward to:
Dec. 1
• Gotham Awards
• Indie Spirit Award nominations announced

Dec. 3
• National Board of Review honorees announced
Dec. 1
• L.A. Film Critics voting
Dec. 14
• New York Film Critics Circle voting
Dec. 15
• Golden Globe nominations announced, 5:00 AM
Dec. 17
• SAG Award nominations announced
Jan. 3
• National Society of Film Critics
Jan. 5
• PGA Awards nominees announced; final polls open
Jan. 6
• NAACP Image Award nominations (date tentative)
Jan. 7
• DGA Awards feature film nominees announced; final ballots mailed
Jan. 11
• WGA awards screen nominees announced
Jan. 12
• National Board of Review gala
Jan. 15
• Critics Choice Awards
Jan. 17
• 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards
Jan. 23
• 16th Annual SAG Awards
Jan. 24
• Producers Guild Awards
Jan. 30
• 62nd Annual Directors Guild Awards
Feb. 2
• Academy Award nominations announced
This doesn’t even count in Boston Film Critics and Chicago who do also count (not as much as N.Y. and L.A. though)

More often then not most of the precursors will try and emulate what they think Oscar is going to do. In terms of the acting nominations, the Golden Globes and SAG’s are the best precursors for Oscar, although the naked golden man does like to do his own thing from time to time.
This is the thing, you can never accurately predict what is going on in the minds of the Academy at large.
It is a clique.
They have no problem voting for an outsider as a nominee, but do they really want them to be part of the winners circle?
I liken the Academy to a Fraternity or Sorority or a Soraternity. They make you jump through hoops before they feel you are ready.
Sometimes you can get in as a fluke (or a weak year) but this is a popularity contest and largely winning one has less to do with talent then it does with who they like, they really really like.

And yes, talk shows and campaigning goes a long way, but in the end it is up to each individual and who they want to see walk up that podium.

I am still holding out hope for Gabby Sidibe. I mean can you think of a more emotional moment?

Anywho, we have the various awards coming up, and they will give us a better idea of what is happening. For all the pre Oscar awards, which are your favourites?

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