Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I loves Harpo

People love to slag off Oprah. I mean they really do, even Madonna made a cutting remark way back in 1991 – on film no less.

Whatever anyone thinks of her, I kind of love her. She bought Sophia to life in ‘The Color Purple’ and that is enough for my ever lasting devotion.

I love the fact she has put her name behind ‘Precious’. This means that more people will see the film which is a good thing. Independent film needs any champion it can get.

Her film company, Harpo Films has picked up the rights to ‘Will You Be My Black Friend?’ which is based on a GQ article written by Devin Friedman about his attempts to add some flavor into his circle of friend.

This is a very interesting idea and although the aim will be humorous, there is a very serious point. People find it difficult to step outside of their own social demographic and seek the comfort of the similar. Races, sexualities, religions, castes and class all tend to stick together and when we do branch out it tends to be with someone who shares a common demographic.

The film is being planned as a star vehicle for Chris Rock, who (if he reigns it in a tad) could make for a very funny yet socially conscious film about race relations - I am still waiting to see his documentary 'Good Hair'.

I just hope it is not going to be a ‘lets make white people dumb’ type of film because that will do nothing to improve interracial relations in the world – something Oprah I am sure will make sure of.

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