Wednesday, 24 March 2010

'Maleficent' moves forward

You might recall that I reported on Tim Burton circling a new planned take on the Sleeping Beauty story, one that would focus on Maleficent, possibly trying to Elphaba her up a la 'Wicked'. Well, it’s definitely going ahead, though Burton is still not officially attached, which I am hoping against hope means the man will not be directing as his past few offerings have all been rather disappointing (for me at least).

'Alice In Wonderland' writer Linda Woolverton trying to get the screenplay together. Good luck to her! Judging my reactions to 'Alice' it was a bit of a incoherent nightmare.

Let's hope they bring on a director who can not only tell a story, but who can resist over doing it all the while having the capability to elicit a superb central performance. How awesome would it be to cast Sigourney.
That would be totally Wicked.

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