Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Summer music preview

Hungerford Bridge in London, UK

So it is the summer and the sun is shining and the trees are green again.
Time for long days full of friends, and drink, and laughter, all to a wonderful backdrop.

Yes it is nearly time for my summer mix tape. However before that happens I must take a look at the songs that may make it.

'None of Dem' (ft. Royksopp) - Robyn

Just so dark and club ready. This just oozes close dance floor sex.

'Tightrope' (ft. Big Boi) - Janelle MonĂ¡e

I have joined the band wagon with pride - genius.

'Acapella' - Kelis

Will most likely be the gay summer club anthem of 2010.

'Obsessions' - 'Marina and the Diamonds

Just makes me want to bop along all day.

'Skinny Genes' - Eliza Doolittle

The whistle - that damn whistle just makes this into something great.

'Your Love' - Keane

A grower.

'Dinosaurs' - The Maccabees

This just smells of summer evenings to me. No idea why.

'Paper Romance' - Groove Armada

Brilliant. One of those songs that gets better and better with each listen.


schnerg said...

you're the second person to tell me Kelis will be the Pride anthem this summer . . . good grief!!

cool playlist though - the royksopp tune is deep

Michael Parsons said...

It is looking that way, but hopefully something else will come up.

I love the song, even if some of the other osngs on the album are slightly more dancy.

Jose said...

I want that Groove Armada album ASAP!
One would've guessed the whole 80's electro pop thing would be dead by now but it's getting all these awesome reinventions that it seems it's here for good.