Monday, 17 May 2010

Toni comes back

It has been 16 years since the world was introduced to PJ Hogan and Toni Collette.
That is a long time, and still “you’re terrible Muriel” and “Goodbye Porpoise Spit!” still make their way into daily conversation.

Also I have to thank them for introducing me to Toni Collette, who is now one of my favourite actors ever!

Well they are teaming up again for another Aussie comedy called ‘Mental’.
It will see Collette playing a crazy, charismatic woman who changes the life of a family after she becomes the nanny to five girls. And apparently it is based on reality.
Yes it is Hogans own experience:
“Like Muriel's Wedding, Mental is a comedy, but a comedy based on reality, laced with pain and brimming with flawed but lovable characters," Hogan tells Variety. Shaz (the central character) was hilarious, outrageous, dangerous, courageous, inspiring, heartbreaking and totally, totally mad. And she changed my life,"
It starts shooting next January and will hopefully see release near the end of the year.


seanisbored said...

I'm so excited to see these two working together again!

Jose said...

This sounds all kinds of wonderful.
Rachel Griffiths should sign up for the movie as well!